Example sentences of "[pron] be [noun] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 Brook 's confidential and non-judgmental approach encourages young people to seek the advice of its highly qualified staff , many of whom are parents themselves and are well acquainted with the problems of adolescence .
2 ‘ All of them are groups who work together on specific tasks under a single section head or foreman .
3 Do you think some of them are ones which genuinely religious people would not adopt ?
4 For a start , right , erm all her clothes then right and I mean loads of them are ones they 're really horrible like but she just hangs them here , I thought well you ca n't wear them , you know , all horrible , you do n't wear them fold them , put them away
5 Most of them are rubbish I should think .
6 Sandwiched between them are Gloucester who lost their 100 per cent record at Saracens , the London club holding them to a 12–12 draw .
7 well I mean you 're right in a way Bob those people who seem to get on within a company some of them are people who seem to be able to say the right words at the right time do n't they ?
8 I am darkness itself .
9 I am Mrs who 's sort of the secretary and books , does the booking for the hall , he could n't get that , anyway it occurred to me afterwards it must of been the grandmother of that girl that bought the erm , cos he kept on talking a Michelle and that 's the girl that bought our suite and I reckon it 's her child 's birthday party , she said erm you know my , you know my son-in-law , I said do I ?
10 I love it when a plan does n't work how dry I am , how dry I am , nobody knows how dry I am will you get me whisky for me ?
11 Because I am Vegan I will not eat de Rich ,
12 As long as I am President we will continue to lead in support of freedom everywhere , not out of arrogance , and not out of altruism , but for the safety and security of our children . "
13 Anyway , what I 'm askin' you to do now is to get on your feet and go and get me a drop of gin and a couple of pints of beer . ’
14 She 's only six , I said yes we 'll just knock on the door and say I 'm Lisa I 've come to tea
15 I 'm Nigel I 'm Chief Executive of the National Charity Community of Transport which is based in Manchester , and it 's that last point which is really significant behind my question , and it concerns your new premises and , I 'm one it 's a question as to what your planning to do , and secondly , a request if you 're not , er , that you could provide within that some working space for people from out of town , to use when we 're in London , complete with things like , you know , coin operated fax machines , because I find I spend quite a lot of time in London , you have meetings on successive days , you have time to kill , and there 's no where sort of , comfortable to go and sit down and get on with some things .
16 You 've bitten through a bigger peg than this one I 'm dragging.Tell us what to do . "
17 that we 've erm , firstly , I want to say hello , I 'm Roger I 'm with the your policies .
18 I 'm tellin ye there 's nane , ’ Isa was adamant .
19 It does erm yes , it does , in fact my husband was out there erm in Tel Aviv on a course about a year ago erm and I you know I 'm beginning to think I 'm goodness I 'm glad it was last year and not this year .
20 A triage worker will assess the problem ( ‘ Hi — I 'm Tim your triage worker , how can I help you ? ’ ) and direct the customer to whichever doctor , therapist or care provider seems appropriate .
21 You know and I said I , I 'm Margaret you know , Adrian from the City Council was you know I , er sort of thing like that , I was trying to think how I was going to say it
22 I 'm Billy he 's Bobby , no I 'm Bobby he 's Billy .
23 As it says I 'm John I 'm marketing director for Northern Europe with .
24 I 'm Billy he 's Bobby , no I 'm Bobby he 's Billy .
25 I 'm doubtfull he 's but unfitt for anything requires attendance ’ .
26 Right , I 'm Rosemary I am a Technical Leader at Management Services in which is a a fairly new role .
27 Now if I were Alwyn I would not be too proud of winning a competition to see who could use more cliches than anyone else .
28 If I were Souness I 'd go for the Charles Bronson option .
29 When Red and I were kids we had races jumping on ponies in the fields and galloping them round a tree and back without a bridle .
30 ‘ If I were manager I would … ’
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