Example sentences of "[prep] [conj] it [verb] " in BNC.

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1 There is the concern for the physical manifestation of the problem , a place-based concern for where it occurs .
2 One very small point of procedure is worth noting : at a first glance at this example there appears to be a redundancy of the indication pp , but on closer examination it is seen that it has never been used unnecessarily , for where it appears on the same line of the score in two successive bars the first of the pair of instruments whose parts are written on that line enters alone , and the second joins him in the next bar .
3 For where it has been drawn is everywhere ; from the insistence of Thorndike , and the early behaviourists like Watson and Hull , that all is to be explained , including human behaviour , in terms of conditioned reflexes , to the open-handedness of well-meaning liberationists like Rollin who argue that even worms and sea anemones should be given the benefit of the doubt since we can not be certain that they do not feel pain and therefore have a consciousness ( 1981 : 31 ) .
4 So you actually write down questions so much going on you ca n't be expected to remember everything and if you 've got just you know sort of questions written down the page like what is your name , it 's simple as that it gets you to do , what ?
5 Now in the inside of that it opens out , there 's an opening in the bone and that leads down among other things into a tube down here , now that is connected up further down to the sinuses across
6 And because of that it has got gravitation and fields which is n't as big as the earth , it 's only about one sixth as big as the earth .
7 And er she just sort of that it happened so quickly .
8 So you 'd say that as a b er as a result of that it did it did er so it did When you say it served its purpose , it did improve the image ?
9 So what with Carole 's soft voice and that we did n't get a lot of and it seemed as though it was well like that , several times I went last year and I really got a bit cheesed off .
10 I was put off it from an early age because it used to be used in the by-lines in the Daily Telegraph and it sort of and it looked a bit wrong .
11 No , it was a piece I am very fond of and it happened to be in quite a few programmes at that time .
12 And there 's a book and it 's oh about quarter of and it 's got the bible written in fourteen nineties .
13 Cos they we we were , we were doing it and and wha they were all kinds of and it 's got and I like , rushed it over to the sink and , and then just and then with the table it fell
14 He said it was to prevent the priest being mixed up , it was an opportunity to a new priest to come in and sort of if it had become he could establish groups .
15 This kind of sexism can be ( and has been ) noted , but it is hard to get rid of because it occurs in ‘ unregulated ’ contexts : nobody has made or written down a rule saying that women can be addressed as ‘ dearie ’ or referred to as ‘ bitches ’ .
16 Hank came in and did a lot of recordings , which I was glad of because it gave me some relief .
17 Access to their help , leaving aside the question of whether it employs a separate , distinct expertise , has usually meant passing on pupils from the classroom or the school .
18 I 'm no judge of whether it suits either of us . ’
19 I can assert of the oldest tree in the park ( if there is such a tree ) that it is an oak , but I can also say of the sentence " The oldest tree in the park is an oak " that it means the same , or that it expresses same thought as , say , its French or Chinese translation , irrespective of whether it says anything true .
20 The information needs to be stored in such a form that will facilitate fast testing of whether it matches what is being searched for .
21 One might , of course , argue that all talk of non-conscious mental processes is so philosophically problematic as to outlaw cognitive psychology in general ( irrespective of whether it uses AI-ideas ) ( Malcolm 1971 ) .
22 In the case described in our earlier debate by the hon. Gentleman , the local authority would make its decision to withdraw or not to withdraw discount on the basis of whether it thought that the dwelling in question was the auntie 's sole or main residence .
23 Every research study needs to be assessed on the criterion of whether it measures up to its own stated objectives .
24 Oftel does say that it believes video on demand comes under the auspices of the Broadcasting Act , rather than BT 's Public Telecommunications Operator licence , and while the ITC agrees , it also says that the question of whether it constitutes a broadcasting service has still to be decided .
25 ‘ In future cases where a new regime comes to power unconstitutionally our attitude on the question of whether it qualifies to be treated as a government , will be left to be inferred from the nature of the dealings , if any , which we may have with it , and in particular on whether we are dealing with it on a normal government to government basis .
26 In the mid-1960s wage bargaining in the public sector became more politicized and produced frequent confrontations with the central government , regardless of whether it had an incomes policy or not .
27 Further , it is assumed that units of consumers ' and producers ' surplus can be added and subtracted , i.e. a unit of surplus represents the same quantity of benefit irrespective of whether it accrues to the buyer or seller .
28 But , unlike other Governments , we have not bound ourselves to join regardless of whether it makes economic or political sense .
29 I would hope that the peer review system used by the EC is of sufficient quality to recognise research worthy of support irrespective of whether it originates from individuals or groups and then support it if funds are available .
30 In a static , unchanging universe , the question of whether it has existed forever or whether it was created at a finite time in the past is really a matter for metaphysics or religion : Either theory could account for such a universe .
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