Example sentences of "[adj] it is for " in BNC.

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1 Frankly , having spent two days looking at how different it is for Nirvana right now — or rather , how it was six weeks ago — I found it difficult not to .
2 The fitter we become and the more energy we expend on a regular basis , the easier it is for us to maintain our new figure .
3 If parents and nurses would only realise how much easier it is for the child to bend to the social and moral laws in later life , when trained from infancy , how much sorrow might be saved .
4 Thus , the more mobile a dipolar group , the easier it is for it to follow the electric field up to higher frequencies , whereas the less mobile groups can only orient at lower frequencies .
5 ‘ The more information we can get from the public the easier it is for us to tackle criminals and make life in the town better for everyone , ’ he said .
6 Also , if a contractor is to carry out the work the more information we can supply to them the easier it is for them to provide an accurate tender .
7 ‘ I should have thought anyone with a grain of sensitivity would realise how painful it is for all of us to have this all raked up again .
8 Most of the other examples cited in Bolinger 's article as adjectives capable only of sense-qualification do not seem to us to be properly so classified either ; if they are felt to be atypical it is for some other reason .
9 You know as well as I do how dangerous it is for a woman alone on the roads — any pervert could pick you up ! ’
10 ‘ I 'm sure you know , Inspector , how impossible it is for even the most committed clergy to avoid incurring — not to put too fine a point on it — hatred .
11 The accident was seen by Iain Macdonald , a Strathclyde regional councillor who is chairman of the Nuclear Free Zones Scotland organisation : ‘ We have seen with our own eyes how simple it is for a road accident to take place and there is no reason why the convoy itself could not have been involved .
12 Reading or hearing of other pilots ' experiences emphasises how easy it is for even seasoned pilots to make mistakes .
13 It is frightening how dependent upon drugs we are all becoming and how easy it is for doctors to prescribe them as the universal panacea for our ills .
14 It is surprising how easy it is for businessmen to assume that other nationalities will react in exactly the same way as they themselves do .
15 Control of the rhythm of the lesson will depend partly on the structure of the program and how easy it is for the teacher to use .
16 It 's astonishing how easy it is for us grown-ups to lose touch with the ability to shake off our responsibilities and inhibitions .
17 The measures which we can use include indications that the animal is failing to cope with its environment ( with the difficulties which it encounters ) and measures of how hard it is for that individual to cope with the difficulties .
18 Teaming up with the Unanimous Decision Crew he talks us through a languid groove based story of how ‘ hard it is for a black man to get a job ’ , ‘ If you 're black , what 's your destination ? ’ he enquires .
19 ‘ Oh ! if those who rule the destinies of nations would but remember … how hard it is for the very poor to have engendered in their hearts that love of home from which all domestic virtues spring , when they live in dense and squalid masses where social decency is lost , or rather never found , ’ Dickens exclaims in The Old Curiosity Shop .
20 And Dr Neil and Matey — Miss Mates — taught me so much about … life … so much that is useful … and I learned how hard it is for most people to live even halfway decent lives … and now I am home again . ’
21 I think that 's true what Yona says you know it it is Cos you know I the sort of the political people of the town tend to be councillors who are er men mainly and set in their ways and think that because they 've got the label councillor behind you know b front of their name that they 're they are for life you know it 's And they 're sort of respectable inverted commas members of the community and you know and I mean I hope that out of out of all this I mean it 's it 's a shame it has to happen in such a desperate situation you know because I mean none of us can really feel glad that Because to be on strike is I mean each day is is hard I 'm sure for well I mean I can only say because to be close to people on strike it 's quite a unique thing really for me and i you become so involved and close to people and you realize how hard it is for them .
22 And the fire actually started beyond the North Wall , just by the North Gate , but the wind was blowing from the North , and it blew it down , and although it did n't burn the rather better stone houses , facing onto St Aldate 's , erm behind I think a lot of the poorer houses did suffer , and St Ebbe 's parish , next door , suffered a great deal , and because it was war , I think they just , the city council , city records lament that there how hard it is for people , and there 's no money to help them .
23 Right , have you starting to talk early and with a wide coverage unusual it is for their age example , classical music for a three year old , reading by the age of three , early ability and enjoyment of
24 No clear principles determine the allocation of disputes to these bodies although the greater the element of discretion and the more important the policy considerations , the less likely it is for the courts to take on the new area of responsibility .
25 By patiently watching and recording hits we can build up a probability profile which will indicate how likely it is for a bullet to hit any particular point on the detector .
26 I want him to know how futile it is for him to try and escape my influence … "
27 The more HDL you have in your blood , the better it is for you .
28 Defender Steve Bruce added : ‘ The more good players we have the better it is for the squad .
29 As a general rule , the fewer ingredients in your food , the better it is for you .
30 The more production the better it is for them and better to sell the pits off .
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