Example sentences of "[adj] [conj] [vb mod] [pers pn] " in BNC.

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1 a good choice for instance , right , all you say to somebody is do you prefer the traditional right or would you prefer the modern styles , right in other words would you like Georgian or would you rather have leaded
2 a good choice for instance , right , all you say to somebody is do you prefer the traditional right or would you prefer the modern styles , right in other words would you like Georgian or would you rather have leaded
3 WHAT TO LISTEN FOR Are the walls solid or can you hear the neighbours clearly through them ?
4 Is your firm connected or would it be interested ?
5 you know of , of maybe you know a three or four page thing with maybe different , you know different sheets and , and you know sort of say well now we need to do this , can you do that or shall we bring ours you know
6 You had the same problem as Malcolm , so , would it be fair to sign that or would it be more sensible to leave it blank ?
7 In practice if there are beneficiaries who are capable of being consulted , it 's likely that one will say to those beneficiaries Right we need to raise some money , there 's only the shares to do it with , we 're proposing to sell them do you agree with that or would you prefer to have the shares and gives us some money ?
8 So do you need trimming after that or will it fall into ?
9 If the erm Homeworks experiment is successful could we see many more stores turning over to that that format and that that or will you consider converting the whole chain or might you just have a separate chain called Homesworks ?
10 I mean , would you like me to do this or would you like me to report .
11 Should we not first see how this or should we say , look let's go for it now because I mean you know , we 've been going now some years , what another year because
12 Finally , can the vehicles run on lead free or must I adjust the timing .
13 That could have been painful that could you bitch .
14 Would he not join me in urging Sinn Fein to reconsider their position on this and would he also agree with me and confirm to this house that this government will never do what Mr Adams requests and that is become a persuader of the people of Northern Ireland to join a united Ireland and will he , will he recognise from me that many on these benches remain committed to the union of Northern Ireland and Great Britain .
15 Too too shaming … can we stop shouting like this and may I come across to your flat and say I 'm sorry in person ?
16 And er I had a letter back on the Friday from Stuart to say er according to Mr 's description it was very interesting and could I possibly meet him at Station on the Saturday morning .
17 Erm , Chairman , w would the spokesman agree that the that the resources argument which she has just used is is completely fallacious and would she rather expect
18 Would Mrs agree that the resources argument that she 's just used is completely fallacious and would she not accept er that it 's better to spend fifty thousand pounds
19 Sorry to press this but would you regard the provision of thirty three or forty six hectares in York and a hundred and five hectares in Greater York as being prejudicial to your interests in Leeds ?
20 I know there 's a new committee that deals with this but could we have a bit more detail about the amounts and who they go to .
21 Yes I did know she was going to be in Caracas and No I did n't tell you and Yes that was wrong but would it have been better if I 'd told you ?
22 United huffed and puffed but could they find a way through ?
23 I , I , I , if I may go on an and er make some other comments on it i is that appropriate or should I wait for that are we still talking about the by-pass ?
24 But if she faced a China intractably hostile , staunchly pro-American and modernising with a vengeance , would the USSR become more amenable or would she look for a means of escape ?
25 In a country where most of us are taught to paddle on flat water , should we insist on putting novices into white water boats which are specifically designed to veer off course and then spend millions of man hours teaching them to go straight or should we put novices into boats designed to go in straight lines ?
26 Erm , okay some of the , is that visible or shall I turn the lights out ?
27 nice and warm that would you see would n't it ?
28 I do n't suppose for one minute that it is that simple but could you please advise me ?
29 That 's right and can you play that back then to see what it sounds like ?
30 So if you could just spend five or six minutes doing that and could we come back at twenty five
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