Example sentences of "[adj] [verb] [adv prt] the " in BNC.

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1 Almost all the colonies the English ever acquired were of one or another of these three types , and in a number of other ways the overseas activities undertaken between the 1550s and the 1640s laid down the pattern for all that was to come .
2 Everything here is dynamic and very competitive ; hotels , restaurants , theatres , which beach you go to , and that drives down the prices and car prices unfortunately .
3 I wanted to satisfy my client , and if possible pick up the five G's on the way .
4 They allow the economically strong to drive out the economically weak , and so generate monopoly power which robs workers and consumers of any effective economic control .
5 Baldwin and Samuel said that they were willing to serve under the Prime Minister and render all help possible to carry on the Government as a National Emergency Government until an emergency bill or bills had been passed by Parliament , which would restore once more British credit and the confidence of foreigners .
6 For this reason , it is not always possible to carry out the preferred size or type of investigation until certain data or resources become available .
7 Difficult to move , hideous to breathe in the shuttered carriage .
8 That hungers down the blood-smell even to a leak of its own
9 The heating was on inside the car but it did little to drive out the chill that seemed to have settled in her bones .
10 We were due to try out the show at Farnham , a 400-seater theatre , less than an hour from London .
11 Therefore the area of the rectangle shown at the bottom of the last page is equal to base x height and the area of the triangle is unc We can now see that to work out the area of any triangle we simply need to remember are unc
12 The most appropriate technology for many people will be one that helps a country to organise a postal system so that stamps are available , to bring radio within everyone 's reach and that holds out the possibility of early telephone links .
13 Latest word from the grapevine is that IBM Corp 's 3390-9 disk drive may be put back to June 1 or June 8 ( CI No 2,165 ) , and there is a certain lack of confidence that the thing will be an easy sell given that it is significantly slower than the lower capacity drives , making it unsuitable for most leading edge mainframe applications ( CI No 2,165 ) : the conspiracy theorists conjecture that it is not a product that the sales force and the market actually want , one that could have been developed simply to respond to something a competitor was planning but in the end never launched , but that it has cost sufficient to develop that to write off the effort now would leave a nasty hole in AdStar Inc 's balance sheet — much better to put the thing out in the confidence that some users will bite , and write the work off over perhaps a five-year product life .
14 She believes some people will vote Labour to shake up the Conservatives and make them reconsider their policies .
15 It is possible to work out the length required for a garment by measuring the length used for a tension square and calculating the total area of the garment from the diagram but I think you would need to be addicted to mathematics to find this worthwhile .
16 It is possible to work out the length required for a garment by measuring the length used for a tension square and calculating the total area of the garment from the diagram but I think you would need to be addicted to mathematics to find this worthwhile .
17 Knowing the number of d electrons , it is possible to work out the number of free ion terms by analyzing the microstates ; this process is described in Ref. [ 20 ] .
18 It is almost always possible to find out the answers to basic questions about pay and conditions prior to the interview .
19 After that they are free to carry out the search for their birth parents .
20 The bronze was cast in standard ingots that were about 0.9 metres long with inward-curving sides that made them easier to carry on the shoulder , as shown on one of the contemporary Egyptian tomb paintings depicting Minoan emissaries .
21 2 Push down the clutch plate ( a ) and draw back the piston rod ( b )
22 If you 're willing to go down the route to drag hunting I am willing to support any hunt that wants to go down that route and I am sure this authority would .
23 Gerry Crawley , a NALGO finance spokesman , said the council was prepared to sit out the strike , but that stance was creating a nightmare scenario for the tax which would take years to clear up .
24 This slows down the towplane , leaving it at low speed below the glider and having its tail pulled up out of control .
25 Daniel Patrick Moynihan , the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee and one of the administration 's key allies on the Hill , has made it clear that Mr Clinton is willing to scale back the tax , exempting whole industries and offering generous rebates to exporters .
26 While a new regulation in 1985 ruled out the option of global additionality , the question of individual additionality still remained for the future .
27 This builds up the muscles which locate the knee joint , helping to stop it moving above and grinding up bits of cartilage .
28 The employer , or the architect on his behalf , for certain sections of a contract may provide a list , in or attached to the contract bills , of at least three sub-contractors from which the builder must select one able and willing to carry out the respective work .
29 This points up the possibility that the organizational differences built into the preliminary study may be only surface ones , masking ‘ deeper ’ structures of thinking about the nature of social work .
30 This points out the bridging nature of WordStar for Windows — it really is an amalgam of word processing and DTP concepts , and is likely to develop further towards the DTP arena as subsequent versions are released .
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