Example sentences of "[adj] [verb] [prep] the " in BNC.

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1 New radio anchormen RADIO Maldwyn , the independent radio station for Mid Wales and the Borders , due to go on the air on Thursday July 1 , will have Lee Thompson , 27 , presenting The Breakfast Show between 7am and 11am , Monday to Friday .
2 The commission 's report , due to go to the president by early February , will eventually be published .
3 A recommendation to demolish the block of 1930s-vintage flats where the family lived is due to go to the council 's housing committee on 5 April .
4 Encourage those who are mobile to go to the toilet on their own .
5 The anniversary falls just before the regiment is due to amalgamate with the Duke of Edinburgh 's Royal Regiment as part of the defence cuts .
6 One of the finest Continental pieces is a Tuscan or South Italian vase made around 1470 painted with the arms of the Duke of Calabria ( est. £15,000–25,000 ; $29,100–48,500 ) .
7 Byrne looks embarrassed to be in it — and it is indeed a sore waste of his undoubted talents — while Basinger as usual goes for the lowest common , and I mean common , denominator .
8 The eruption of highly viscous lava , such as that formed by the degassing of rhyolite or andesite , can create large domes which may reach a height of several hundred metres and a width of several kilometres .
9 Here the bargaining stage has given way to a period of time when you feel it is just not possible to cope with the situation and the future looks bleak .
10 erm so er it 's sometimes possible to borrow from the university but they usually , they usually make it very difficult for one so er oh thanks , erm so erm anyway because with a thing like people 's accounts of dreams you may want to sort of go back and look at them , you know , sort of how people have expressed them in their own words , they may have er you know produced some nice interesting quotes or something like that
11 Alter the dialogue to demonstrate failure of parent and professional to agree on the problem behaviour .
12 I mean , that flies in the face of all the current pressures , all of the current political about , if you 're a naughty boy , into prison you go , and for the longer the better .
13 Er to reach our target objectives we ha we need a very strong sell to the trade .
14 Attempts to identify a murine homologue of LFA-3 led to the unexpected finding that mouse CD2 interacts with a different molecule , BCM1 ( CD48 ) 49 .
15 The Dolgarrog Dam disaster of 1925 led to the passing of this legislation .
16 After a moment or two he asked : ‘ Did that knock on the head kill him ? ’
17 In recent times gilt has been widely used to create the effect of gold , but during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries there was a fashion in Europe for silver thrones , like that made for the coronation of the Queen of Denmark in 1731 .
18 For example , the tin-glazed pottery made in Europe from the Renaissance onwards was produced in many styles : that made in the Low Countries ( known as Delftware ) is of a specific range and type which varies from one production centre to another and is different again from the maiolica of Italy and the lustreware of Spain .
19 In addition , farmers with an agreed development plan in the LFA receive a ‘ guidance premium ’ , which is not higher than that given outside the LFA in the UK ( though it could be one third higher under the Directive ) .
20 The term ‘ annunciation ‘ ( announcement ) is that given to the message presented by the angel Gabriel to the Blessed Virgin Mary that she would in due time be delivered of the Son of God , and the festival commemorating this — Lady Day — has the date 25 March .
21 Asserting , what was palpably untrue , that ‘ There are probably few people in India who do not sincerely regret that you should have made it impossible for any government to leave you at liberty ’ , he handed down a sentence of six years ' simple imprisonment , pointing out — the crowning touch-that the sentence was the same as that given to the nationalist hero Bal Gangadhar Tilak , twelve years before .
22 It is significant that they were known as Tarianas , a title closely resembling that given to the tribes of Turania in Turkistan who were associated with the Serpent , the Taryans .
23 Witnesses were warned that if they gave false evidence they would suffer the same verdict as that given to the accused ( Mark 14:56–7 ; Matt.
24 The party 's total vote was just half that given to the Communists in a similar number of boroughs .
25 namely Thucydides ) , but voting techniques were not : there was no counting of votes at all ( something which would have taken several hours when the agenda was as crowded as that given at the beginning of Demosthenes ' fiftieth speech of 362 BC ) , and the ‘ consensus ’ was determined by a show of hands , which tellers then adjudicated , in a fashion no more precise than that of a modern shop-steward who ‘ counts ’ a sea of hands at a trade union mass meeting .
26 If you 've had office copy entries , the date from which to search is that given at the foot of each page , when the office copy entries were issued ; your search will then reveal any entries that may have been made since that date .
27 What they definitely do indicate are the extremes of weight problems ; where your weight falls higher than the amount given under the large-frame weight for your height , or lower than that given for the small-frame weight for your height , then you have problems .
28 The female has a colour pattern which almost fits that given for the Threadfin Goldie .
29 The fit is reasonable over most of the area and , as might be expected , is broadly similar to that given by the Shotgun model .
30 A useful minimal definition is that given by the World Health Organization that ‘ Health is a state of complete mental , physical and social well-being , and not merely the absence of disease . ’
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