Example sentences of "[adj] [adv prt] [prep] the " in BNC.

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1 As they broke out of the covert on to the open parkland the bright sun made them squint .
2 It is tempting to try to cram as much information as possible on to the page , a solid mass of print is unattractive to the eye and is unlikely to be read .
3 They will try to cram as many Minis as possible on to the Lake Windermere ferry and see how many consecutive journeys they can make .
4 You put that on at the right time
5 What my pals wanted and I put that on to the pitch .
6 Er again on the national level , if you think there 's a , a campaign you wan na be involved in or wan na get started I 'll put that on to the area N U S who will , if it 's a credible case , will put it forward to the National Executive .
7 The third she found broken , knocked over on to its side , the water dripping from a puddle on the windowsill on to a seat below and through that on to the floor , and the flowers scattered and brown-edged , as if they 'd been picked for their beauty and freshness by a little girl and then loosed regardlessly on the path from her sticky hands as she ran off to do something else .
8 Theodora had passed none of that on to the Archdeacon , and he had himself offered no judgement .
9 Put all that on for the attention of Mr Ray
10 I 'll tell you this — if they had tried that on with the Liverpool team of the mid-1960s that included Ron Yeats , Ian St John , Gerry Byrne and myself the match would never have taken place .
11 How many times had she put that on in the privacy of her room and seen the different being it presented , especially when she also donned the leghorn hat .
12 One in each down at the bottom yeah .
13 But first it will be business as usual down on the farm .
14 Times I 've , I 've sat up at the window trying to wa watch her coming round two o'clock in the morning hoping that he 's fallen asleep down in the armchair .
15 Share prices showed little change throughout the day however and the FT-SE 100-Share Index closed just 1.0 down on the day at 2,817.0 , with just under 593 million shares changing hands .
16 In 1948 down on the River Thames in his home town of Henley he was preparing to race in an Olympic final .
17 You know you are due down in the shop .
18 Take that along to the hospital . ’
19 Marilyn 's it it 's not right down to the ankles but it 's reasonable you know and it 's peach .
20 In the computer graphics of Tron ( 1982 ) we are right down on the board with the players of video games , even if we do n't quite share their viewpoint ; the motorcycle shots , much quoted , show how exhilarating rapid movement along wholly imaginary perspectives can be .
21 So the camera was right down on the bottom .
22 I had my camera with me and I saw there was a ladder up on the top deck and when I got up on the top deck it was quite a giddy height , not to be bit I looked at the mast then I climbed up the mast up three quarters of the way up the mast and er the view from up there looked right down on the causeway .
23 The cheapest rate I came across was right down at the southern tip of the country where Invercargill 's Southland Aero Club were virtually giving a Tomahawk away for NZ$80 per hour solo ( £24.25 ) .
24 The house was right down at the bottom of the street , and I moved like a ghost from lamp to lamp , tiptoeing for some reason , as if I were in a jungle in dread of attracting the attention of wild animals prowling near me .
25 They show that those tests have nothing to do with the amount spent per pupil in individual authority areas — some of the biggest spenders were right down at the bottom .
26 It 's right down at the far south west .
27 Erm it may be that the people who were right down at the bottom like that were people who were doing other things as well and were say blacksmiths or whatever
28 He did not look up until he was right down in the station ; and it was a sound that made him look up .
29 It must be pretty old , it 's right down in the chalk and yellower than my old Roman ring . ’
30 I took Tim to the match one Easter Monday they played Luton in league match , and Ted played , the old Ipswich player , and we go absolutely , it rained , hailed , blew , and we got home soaked to the skin you know , and er it seems to make you feel better if they win you know , but if you sort of put up with those sort of things and they , they lose it 's makes you feel right down in the dumps , but when they get promoted like they did last time it 's remarkable , it 's been remarked about this aspect , that people in local industry seem to work harder , and it seems to be a boost in general local traders make shop window displays and it seems to be a boost to the town in general and give a lift to the town if you like
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