Example sentences of "[verb] for some [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 We have been forecasting for some time that the future of applications development would become the linking of objects , and that the keys to the kingdom would be held by the companies that sold the best objects , and Novell Inc seems to think so too .
2 We have been forecasting for some time that the future of applications development would become the linking of objects , and that the keys to the kingdom would be held by the companies that sold the best objects , and Novell Inc seems to think so too .
3 He wondered why Pinkie mentioned Laura , then realised with sinking heart that she was no longer keeping her discontent to herself and the echo of it must have travelled for some distance .
4 They were repeatedly told he was too busy , and when finally , at the eleventh hour , they were granted a meeting , some sort of communication problem caused Mrs Sue Amphlett and her associate to be sent from one building to another and then to wait for some time in the wrong one , until they had to leave to finish the report in time for the news conference they had called .
5 She had to wait for some time before the door was opened , and she hoped very much that it would be opened by Clelia , but it was not ; it was opened by a thin , brown , balding , youngish looking man .
6 Electrical stimulation could produce dramatic effects , but the proper study of electro-physiology had to wait for some time until it was possible to record small electrical potentials .
7 Captain Mark Phillips had been expected to remain for some time in his cottage on the estate , where he has lived since the marriage broke up three years ago .
8 With some 15,500 outlets for their business , solicitors are likely to remain for some time the principal providers of legal services even if there is considerable expansion of alternatives to the use of solicitors for some legal work ( The Law Society , 1990 ) .
9 It makes it easier , in principle , to ‘ see ’ how many hypotheses are competing for some portion of an utterance , for example , and to decide which are the most promising given the evidence .
10 This is an issue which Western Governments and unions are only really beginning to grapple with in the context of the Single European market , and for many that is where the debate will stay for some time .
11 The core will stay for some time .
12 Division Two of this event is probably best left to Tom Jones 's Sadler 's Wells newcomer Alyakkh , about whom local work-watchers have been cooing for some time .
13 – This means that the outer G forme was removed from the press part way through — printing stopped for some reason — and someone dropped it , scattering the letters everywhere .
14 You 've done more than you thought you 'd ever get away with and so in a sense it 's all gain from here , in fact it 's been all gain for some time and so you ca n't complain and you do n't intend to if fate deserts you now .
15 I set off again , maintaining for some reason — perhaps because I expected further farm creatures to wander across my path — my slow speed of before .
16 A practical outcome from this incident was a new pair of deck shoes for Marty who had been campaigning for a replacement from Stores Branch for some time .
17 So try to get him to a point where he is agreeable to discussing the problem openly with you or else to go for some form of counselling .
18 It is not surprising to find the Russian government in 1784 asking officially for information on the organisation of the ministry ; and the memorandum drawn up in response to this request by one of the premiers commis paints , even allowing for some gilding of the lily , an impressive picture of the efficiency with which , at least in theory , correspondence was classified , answered and indexed .
19 Based on an earlier estimate of £70,000 for computerised support of approximately 20,000 files in another department ( without networking costs ) , a similar system for the Highways and Planning departments , allowing for some economy of scale , could have cost in excess of £150,000 at the prices that were then current .
20 Can the Minister tell us whether Britain 's shipyards will be assured of a very early decision on a type 42 replacement , thus allowing for some continuity of work and ending the grave uncertainty in the shipyards so that men and management can get on with what they do best — building ships in British yards ?
21 Even allowing for some massaging of programmes into ‘ serious ’ categories , ITV 's progressive seriousness saw a halving of its ‘ entertainment ’ schedules .
22 The water level is automatically reduced to normal if the machine over-fills for some reason .
23 Since the department since the regional office has been suggesting for some time , or throughout the entire process of this structure plan alteration , that erm an exceptions policy should be considered by the erm county council , I think it would be consistent that we would anticipate the panel could reach a conclusion on the inclusion of the major exceptions policy as part of this alteration .
24 It proposed a network of under-fives centres throughout the borough — an idea which the under-fives workers had been anxious to promote for some time .
25 Provided the provisional calculations are reliable ( which is a topic for another day ) , farmers can be forgiven for some confusion in any debate about whether they were really better off in 1992 than in 1991 and whether they ‘ felt ’ better off !
26 Fabia awoke on Friday with a smile on her face , and lay for some while with thoughts of Ven in her head .
27 I crept in beside him and lay for some time with throbbing head .
28 If a patent were to be granted to the second business , it could prevent the first from using what it has already been using for some time .
29 Many good exercise programmes stop when life and the usual routine starts to get chaotic or change for some reason .
30 Nurses who have been nursing for some time are likely to have reached the stage where much of what they do has become automatic , that is , carried out without conscious thought or awareness .
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