Example sentences of "[verb] for [det] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 But I do move today that we transfer the technical post that will become vacant in the pollution section by the end of this year to the food section , and that Matthew together with the chief environmental health officer consider how best to write a job description , and advertise for that post , and that while I do not see us securing a budget of two thousand five hundred pounds as under fifteen b , I do recommend that the health education authority are contacted , that their help-line is used , and that our E H O's use their premises in the coming new year .
2 I just come back er ladies and gentlemen to apologize for this morning 's cock up , I mean it was totally inexcusable of me .
3 It was not intended to give this impression , and we take this opportunity to make that clear and to apologize for any embarrassment caused .
4 We have been forecasting for some time that the future of applications development would become the linking of objects , and that the keys to the kingdom would be held by the companies that sold the best objects , and Novell Inc seems to think so too .
5 We have been forecasting for some time that the future of applications development would become the linking of objects , and that the keys to the kingdom would be held by the companies that sold the best objects , and Novell Inc seems to think so too .
6 For a right of participation to be meaningful it would obviously require as free a flow of information as possible and the development of institutions securing equality of access and influence for all participants .
7 Another pervasive , and important , influence for this head was technology .
8 If this is not possible ( and it usually is n't ) , the golden advice at the present time must be to sell first rather than risk lumbering yourself with the crippling expense of having to borrow for several months or possibly longer .
9 Any well-drafted transfer will therefore provide for the transfer of the right to sue for such breaches .
10 This doctrine enables a lessee to sue for any trespass committed between the granting of the lease and his entering in pursuance of it .
11 Remaining stocks ( in electrical equipment , mostly ) are being burned , but traces will remain for many years .
12 They can remain for many years in cold and hostile environments while retaining their toxicity , and they have a tendency to remain in living organisms .
13 I have not met many Scottish people who wish to be left exposed to the nuclear blackmail that could come from the huge nuclear arsenal which will remain for many years on the continent and in Russia .
14 Normally the others would remain for another hour or so .
15 The following aspects of policy are insufficiently studied and will remain for some years central preoccupations of the Group :
16 He wondered why Pinkie mentioned Laura , then realised with sinking heart that she was no longer keeping her discontent to herself and the echo of it must have travelled for some distance .
17 What does she think for that matter ?
18 There 'll be a great big clamour I sho I should think for those seats !
19 There were n't any houses then and there was a big ditch where the canal side and erm we used to have to wait for each other , because no street lamps , nothing at all like that and er really we used to be afraid and then when the first bus ran , shall I tell you this , when the first bus ran from , from Bloxwich to Willenhall of course word got around that the buses were beginning , because the roads were only ruts , they were n't tarmacked roads then and it was certainly gentlemen first for the first there were about three hundred waiting that was a lot of at the top is it Street , I think it 's that and all the gentlemen were first but we , some of us managed to scramble on , but erm then they used to break down very very often because the roads the roads were in such a terrible condition they were only ruts .
20 The verdict on that one , however , may have to wait for many years yet .
21 Well he 's so badly parked you see , he 's got to wait for both traffics to go whereas I could go easily
22 We had to wait for some months in order to get a passage and finally set oft on my birthday in January .
23 Though debt-for-equity swaps represent one way for banks to recover part of their developing country debt exposure , they still stand to lose money and look likely to have to wait for some years before they can cash in their equity stakes .
24 We had to wait for some days until a convoy of ships was ready .
25 They were repeatedly told he was too busy , and when finally , at the eleventh hour , they were granted a meeting , some sort of communication problem caused Mrs Sue Amphlett and her associate to be sent from one building to another and then to wait for some time in the wrong one , until they had to leave to finish the report in time for the news conference they had called .
26 She had to wait for some time before the door was opened , and she hoped very much that it would be opened by Clelia , but it was not ; it was opened by a thin , brown , balding , youngish looking man .
27 Electrical stimulation could produce dramatic effects , but the proper study of electro-physiology had to wait for some time until it was possible to record small electrical potentials .
28 ‘ We will not stop ( reforms ) to wait for any decisions from the G7 , whether we receive aid or not , ’ he told reporters .
29 Customers are no longer prepared to wait for several months for their chosen pattern .
30 I had to wait for another performance to see . ’
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