Example sentences of "[verb] it the first " in BNC.

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1 I remembered Sopworth saying how the cat had no sense of territory , how he 'd only just caught it the first time it escaped , racing north along the A2 .
2 Please note that you do not have to open the rings to put these markers over , though you should after you 've done it the first time , erm , it should become easier with practice , let me put it that way , okay .
3 if I 'd have fed it the first time I 'd have understood it , but I 've only fed it today !
4 Alison also likes 60s music ( too young to remember it the first time around ) and buying things for her home .
5 The dog is commanded to sit and if he does n't do it the first time , he is pushed gently into position .
6 I did n't believe it the first time either . ’
7 I hated it the first time .
8 He really did n't like it the first time we played it , so he tried spoiling it .
9 Suppose , for example , that your most recent life had been a particularly horrifying and traumatic one : you would not really want to experience it the first time you were regressed , as you might not be able to cope .
10 Verbatim Corp , Charlotte , North Carolina has come out with a 3.5 ’ partial-ROM optical disk , calling it the first image and data storage optical product to combine both magneto-optic and read-only functionality : the read-only part of the disk can be embossed permanently with data , such as an application , and the rewritable portion of the disk is available for user files ; the disks have total combined ROM and rewritable capacity of 128Mb .
11 Unix System Labs Inc last week said it has started delivering early access versions of Distributed Computing Environment DCE/SVR4 secure code to its OEMs , calling it the first tangible results of its new-found rapprochement with the Open Software Foundation .
12 MapInfo Inc , Troy , New York , is shipping its MapBasic Development Environment for Unix calling it the first programming language for GUI systems allowing corporate developers to customise desktop mapping applications for a given industry or department .
13 Fortunately the judges agreed , and awarded it the first prize .
14 He misses it the first time , but I 've written it exactly like he played it , because it does n't really sound too bad !
15 It was only when they came out of the rearmost door and found a temporary hut facing them with Radio Room marked on the door , that they realised why they had n't found it the first time .
16 ‘ Well , she was doing it the first time I laid eyes on her ! ’
17 And I like Lovejoy , except I 've missed but they 're repeats , but I never saw it the first time .
18 Should have realised it the first time , but that 's what happens when you make assumptions .
19 I said to her if she did n't make it the first time , let her lend you my hammer she said do n't you talk like that and do n't you let e Geoff hear you !
20 The reasons for the widespread development of the particular form of alphabetic literacy evident in Greece must clearly be sought in the social structure ; Goody and Watt , however , insist that ‘ considerable importance must surely be attributed to the intrinsic advantages of the Greek adaptation of the Semitic alphabet , an adaptation which made it the first comprehensively and exclusively phonetic system tor transcribing human speech ’ ( ibid. pp. 40–1 ) .
21 He had heard it the first time as a child , in his grandfather 's yurt on the Khirgiz , and going to Burun 's quarters had found him awake also .
22 And that 's because the third world is bigger than any other section whether you call it the first world or second world or whatever , and I think the first and second put together .
23 We liked it the first time , it was a bit like
24 Between the last years of the 16C and about 1653 , they rebuilt the Church of St Salvator making it the first church in Prague of the Counter-Reformation .
25 Burlington , California-based Object Design Inc has put ObjectStore , its object-oriented database system , on SunSoft Inc 's Solaris 2.1 , making it the first object database ported to the system .
26 Scotts Valley , California-based Microport Inc 's System V.4 now supports Corollary Inc 's multiprocessor and XM multiprocessor hardware designs , making it the first independent software vendor to provide a shrinkwrapped multiprocessing version of Unix SVR4 .
27 Object Design also announced that it has done an implementation of its ObjectStore object-oriented database for the NCR Corp System 3000 , making it the first object database on NCR kit under Unix System V.4 .
28 His comments followed the announcement on the same day by the leading US credit rating agency , Standard and Poor 's , that the country had been assigned a BBB investment grade rating , making it the first of Latin America 's problem debtors of the 1980s to meet international standards of credit-worthiness .
29 A good deal of the time he or she can get it the first time .
30 It 's harder when you do it the first thing .
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