Example sentences of "[verb] the first time " in BNC.

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1 Blisters which had formed the first time now burst , weeping clear fluid onto the burner which hissed like an angry snake .
2 She was n't scared , not even when she was half-way up the path , dark yews all around her , and heard the sound she had heard the first time .
3 But these were grassroots reggae music , and ‘ Catch A Fire ’ represents the first time that Marley — or indeed any reggae artist other than Jimmy Cliff — had ever been given the budget that a rock band got to record an LP .
4 Seacontrol represents the first time on-board maintenance software has been made commercially available to the shipping industry by a marine coatings supplier .
5 I mean the first time at a lower level something appeared , I shaded half a square
6 Yeah it is , I mean the first time I bought it
7 On one of these trips to London when I was at school , good when we went with the Brownies , I went two or three times and er , one time when I was a bit older , I mean the first time I went as I say I was only about seven , but , when I was a bit older I went again , they said if
8 The next night , Captain Edward ( Ted ) Parsons RE and his paddler , Leading Seaman Irvine , prepared to land , Ted Parsons taking a ducking as he tried the first time to board the canoe in a nasty swell .
9 Algy used up his measure of luck , I was then given a super navigator with only the sharpest of pencils and the instinct of a homing pigeon who took me through my tour ; he perished the first time he New without me after I was hijacked to Bennett 's staff .
10 Half the crowd expect a punk band and half are curious old gits who remember organ bands the first time around .
11 times , I forget the first time I had her .
12 It was not difficult for Laura to remember the first time she had set eyes on Ross Wyndham , because it had also been the day of her cousin 's wedding .
13 Tonight , social services said nothing was done the first time because nobody believed the complaints .
14 He had been defeated the first time , but that foray into the arena had taught him a lot .
15 For a split second he experienced that same numbing fear he had felt the first time he had come under enemy fire .
16 Tsu Ma knelt down and held his shoulders , nodding , remembering how he had felt the first time he had seen the ritual , not then knowing what was happening , nor why .
17 die the first time they 've tried it
18 ‘ I scored the first time after eight minutes .
19 How did Doctor Jekyll feel the first time he became Mr Hyde ?
20 Remembering the first time I 'd done the climb , back in 1964 , an echo of precise-edged delicacy tingled in my mind .
21 Few mystical treatises get off to a more intriguing start than The Fire of Love , which describes the first time Rolle became aware of a heat in his breast which , he insists , was not imaginary or metaphorical but which could be felt as a finger felt the heat of the flames in which it had been thrust .
22 His finest moment came the first time he opened the hall door to a visitor and , standing a little aside , intoned , " Follow me , sir , " before proceeding with due dignity to announce the guest at the door of the morning room .
23 Briefly , the image of Lexandro 's own two indulged foolish siblings , Andria and Phoeba , flitted through his consciousness for what seemed the first time in years .
24 He recalled the first time he had seen the impressive building as a schoolboy on a day 's outing to see the sights of London .
25 Even now she vividly recalled the first time she saw Nader at the exclusive Royal Club , a dining , gambling and sports centre .
26 I do all the things I did n't do the first time .
27 These hijras are very bad and very dirty ladies , ’ he had said the first time I tried to give Razia a lift in his car .
28 . Said the first time she came round she did n't look at it , and then , after that she looked really I hope she does n't fall .
29 The recommendation will be put by the ITF 's Rules of Tennis Committee to the Committee of Management in Paris in June and if accepted , it will travel to the Dominican Republic in September for presentation to the ITF Annual General Meeting , where , if it receives a ⅔ majority from delegates in attendance , it will become the first time that a new rule has been introduced since 1989 , when the tie break was standardised .
30 I did n't enjoy it when it happened the first time .
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