Example sentences of "[verb] the first [noun] " in BNC.

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1 The European champions , who host the first leg in 11 days ' time , have lost Ruud Gullit and Marco Van Basten and are struggling for form .
2 Hartlepool 's Procession host the first show at the Empire in Middlesbrough on Monday ; Hug take the tour to Newcastle Poly on March 2 , and on March 5 the Poppyfield bring it to Perry 's in Darlington where the Autumn Divers will also be on the bill .
3 The woman screamed , the man went for the bedroom door and met the first FBI man on the landing .
4 His concerns are moral and religious , and in certain respects , therefore , although they appear to be out of line with the literary culture of Sidonius and his sixth-century followers , they do look back to the moral response which met the first wave of the barbarian invasions .
5 Wolsey met the first crisis by ordering the levy of a forced loan .
6 But once over the bridge they met the first vehicles of a German column and the Commando force were scattered .
7 He then went back to Nigel 's room to see how the women were getting on — and met the first snag in the arrangements .
8 There can be little doubt that these are Naxian works , deeply influenced by the East Greek style and transmitting the first impression of that style to Athens where soon , as everywhere , its influence was to become pervasive .
9 Delaunay used to meet Picasso at the gatherings at the Douanier Rousseau 's , while Metzinger was a frequent visitor to Picasso 's studio in the Bateau Lavoir during the early years of Cubism , and was an important agent in transmitting the first discoveries of Picasso and Braque .
10 He hugged himself against the sudden freezing wind then scrambled to his feet as it whipped the first drops of rain through the open door .
11 When the Guggenheim Museum reopens on 28 June , Thomas Krens , its director , will have realised the first stage in his ambitious plan of expansion , seeking to establish new stations in North Adams , Massachusetts , Bilbao ( see The Art Newspaper No.17 , April 1992 , p.5 ) and Salzburg , and to enlarge The Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice .
12 Typical of these was Will Zens ' To the Shores of Hell ( 1965 ) , which depicted the first landings of American Marines at Da Nang .
13 The tape was cut by Ray and Debra Mason , petrol station section manager , allowing the first customers in to take advantage of the low priced JS petrol .
14 Heavily loaded brushes precisely placed always leave behind smooth , compacted paint , so here I maintained the ‘ breathable ’ quality by allowing the first layer of blue to dry , before applying another slightly different hue in the same way
15 The ‘ rural method ’ entails no separate second fermentation ; it is merely a continuation of the first process , the wines being bottled before it terminates and thus allowing the first fermentation to continue in the bottle .
16 By a notice of appeal dated 12 December 1990 the plaintiffs appealed on the grounds , inter alia , ( 1 ) that the judge erred in law in holding that the first defendant was entitled to add to any security , all the costs charges and expenses , however unreasonable they were ; ( 2 ) the judge failed to follow the decision in In re Adelphi Hotel ( Brighton ) Ltd. [ 1953 ] 1 W.L.R. 955 ; ( 3 ) the judge erred in law in construing the charging covenants of the legal mortgage which were all in similar terms that all costs charges and expenses howsoever incurred by the first defendant or any receiver under or in relation to the mortgage or such indebtedness or liabilities on a full indemnity basis as allowing the first defendant to charge as it pleased however unreasonable such a charge might be ; and ( 4 ) the judge erred in law in not construing that provision as a provision providing for taxation or computation on an indemnity basis of the first defendant 's costs , charges and expenses .
17 For next the stewards decided that only those drivers who had completed the first lap would be allowed to re-start .
18 Rob has recently completed the first leg of the Round the World Yacht Race .
19 The Pioneers will by now have completed the first leg of their journey to Cyprus .
20 Firstly , the proportion of teachers who , having successfully completed the first year , stay on into the second in order to obtain the Certificate in Education ( FE ) is proving to be extremely high : for example , of the 1,128 candidates for the first year courses being offered in 1979–80 , no fewer than 1,024 moved into their second year in 1980–1 .
21 Having successfully completed the first year of the new Teachers ' Training Course the students have gone away to grapple with their holiday assignments .
22 There was a request to Council to investigate the position of those who had completed the first module but were not registered and whether they should be allowed to attend the Keele Conference .
23 To get stuck into Part Two you do n't have to have completed the first instalment , but you DO need to have the password .
24 BY the time you read this article we shall have completed the first training workshop on T.Q.M. designed for directors and a number of senior managers .
25 Woodbury , New York-based Cablevision Systems Corp says it has completed the first stage of its electronic superhighway to homes , businesses and institutions in the New York metropolitan area : the $300m project , scheduled for completion in 1995 , involves installation of over 3,000 miles of fibre network .
26 These provide a means for lexicographers to review and amend dictionary material which has completed the first stage of processing , as well as a facility for the transfer of portions of the dictionary material to a typesetting and composition operator .
27 He died within a year of taking up his new office , but by then he had successfully completed the first stage of the reduction of Wales which , according to his will , he expected to complete within his three-year term of office .
28 , personnel secretary at Ipswich , has successfully completed the first stage of a three year course in personnel management at the Suffolk College .
29 His head bent slowly down to her , his eyes burned deeper and , held immovable , she endured the first kiss she had ever received .
30 However , technical hitches plagued the first night .
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