Example sentences of "[verb] just [vb pp] from " in BNC.

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1 He has just emerged from the studio after recording his third album ; there will be many musical surprises in store .
2 The pristine Gondola has just emerged from the new paint-shop , opened in 1922 , and is about to be moved sideways on the traverser .
3 He has just emerged from four months of experimental treatment for skin cancer with assurances of remission .
4 Though no more than five feet and seven inches in height , he was strongly built , with the air of one who has just emerged from the gymnasium or the boxing booth .
5 A wing is composed of upper and lower layers which may readily be separated in an insect which has just emerged from the pupa .
6 That 's because Tony has just emerged from the players ' tunnel .
7 Phil Campbell , presenter of ‘ Folk Club ’ on BBC Radio Ulster , has just emerged from Spring Studio in Rostrevor with her first album of contemporary songs , and comes to the Harp Folk Club with husband Tom McFarlane on percussion and three other hand-picked musicians to showcase this debut offering .
8 The SoftPC version that gets up on the Mac will be the full Windows product that Insignia has just licensed from Microsoft , so that Windows and MS-DOS programs will be able to run legitimately on an IBM Corp chip-powered Mac .
9 The women 's world squash champion , Martine Le Moignan , and Jack Simmons , who has just retired from playing cricket for Lancashire at the age of 48 , receive the MBE .
10 Still hammering away , the Institute has the satisfaction of knowing that it has at last brought home to the Ministry of Health , within whose purview this question comes , that things are not what they ought to be , and Dr Eichholz , who has just retired from the Chief Inspectorate of Special Schools , is at its request making a special enquiry .
11 Peter has just come from California to make ‘ a film of English life ’ which will involve the reconstruction of an English residence in Hollywood .
12 I respect them , especially so as he has just come from South Africa .
13 Walter , 17 , has just come from Paraiba , where his mother died .
14 This is n form of working memory , as the cue is meaningful only if the animal remembers where it has just come from .
15 He has just come from outdoors : his moustache is cold , and damp with dew .
16 We get caught out with long balls to where our defender has just come from .
17 Its plans for the CICS business , meantime , include a hybrid system combining elements of PD/MVS ; Radar , its regional analysis tool ; and Eyewitness , the fault diagnostic tool it has just acquired from its Vienna , Virginia-based rival Landmark Systems Corp ( CI No 2,044 ) .
18 A third has just returned from an overnight trip to Otterbur in the north-east of England Where it has been helping to move personnel and matériel around the ranges .
19 Going straight from state ownership to worker ownership is unlikely to change the company 's culture or management style , believes Mr Laurie Brennan , chief executive of New Bridge Consultants , an arm of the law firm , Clifford Chance , set up to promote employee share ownership , and who has just returned from Poland .
20 He regularly visits eastern Europe and has just returned from Czechoslovakia .
21 SINGER Cathy Dennis , above , has just returned from Houston , Texas , where she was a guest of honour at America 's largest Thanksgiving Day parade .
22 Particularly when he has just returned from a period of injury .
23 She has just returned from interviewing rape victims in Bosnia during a nine-day mission led by the International League of Human Rights.While European Community officials estimate 20,000 women have been raped , Francoise Hampson says quantification is impossible .
24 Don Reading , of Save The Children , has just returned from Somalia and said : ‘ This matter needed more than anything the chance to reach the people .
25 Dom Turner , aged 21 , has just returned from an 11-week assignment in southern Chile with adventure charity Operation Raleigh .
26 Jon Bloomfield has just returned from Prague .
27 A delegation of lawyers from the British Romanian Law Association has just returned from a successful trip to Romania , having given seminars in two Romanian cities and met with representatives of the Romanian Bar Association .
28 I believe that he has just returned from his second visit to Nepal — a country with which this country has had good relations for about 175 years .
29 Is my right hon. Friend aware that a delegation from the Inter-Parliamentary Union has just returned from Russia and the Ukraine ?
30 That should guarantee Annadale maximum points in the 1,500 metres , as Lough , who has just returned from a training stint with the GB squad in New Mexico , clocked 3.40.2 … a personal best … at Loughborough on Wednesday night .
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