Example sentences of "[verb] been for [noun] " in BNC.

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1 The largest share of the HIDB 's investment ( 29% in 1971–79 ) has been for tourism .
2 It 's also a relaxed , romantic ad for Bill S , more alive here than he has been for decades .
3 There 's been more praise for Brian Clough , at the bottom of the League with Forest , than there has been for Norwich manager Mike Walker at the top .
4 The heaviest betting this year has been for Shellac , a six-length winner from Sudden Victory at Ayr last time out , but the deciding factor is that Dettori originally chose to ride SPLENDID CAREER ( nap 3.35 ) , who may have been unlucky when beaten at Newbury by yesterday 's Goodwood winner Monastery .
5 ‘ The trend over time has been for Britain to become less important ( in US eyes ) than Europe as a collective , ’ Robert Hunter , vice-president of the Centre of Strategic and International Studies , told the Washington Times .
6 Since then , however , standard procedure has been for patrols to study photographs , names and addresses of suspects before leaving security force bases .
7 It 's all locked away , you know , Mr Michell , and has been for generations .
8 This process directly undermined the rule of law : ‘ such transference of authority saps the foundation of that rule of law which has been for generations a leading feature of the English constitution . ’
9 The general trend over the years has been for LDC governments and state enterprises to rely increasingly on international banks rather than official transfers , i.e. foreign aid , to meet their foreign currency financial needs .
10 One method of reducing surpluses has been for companies to take contributions holidays ( although generally these are not extended to employee contribution holidays ) whereby they do not pay any contributions for a period of time .
11 Oil is the most versatile , flexible and valuable of the primary fuels and part of the process of improved use of energy over the past decade has been for users to switch to other fuels to generate heat , thus saving oil for the transportation and speciality uses for which there are no cost effective substitutes .
12 I knew there was something in the wind , has been for weeks .
13 She has been for weeks . ’
14 That is the way he conducts his business and that is the way it has been for centuries . ’
15 So it has been for centuries , yet the multi-petalled bloom of modern times , epitomized by the modern Hybrid Tea rose ( or , as it is abbreviated , H.T. ) and probably most people 's mental image of all that a rose is and should be , is a product of modern hybridizing and cross-breeding that did not exist even as recently as medieval times .
16 Architectural influence here is not notable since timber has been for centuries the traditional building material .
17 A strong and consistent recent trend in cinema advertising by major advertisers — as opposed to local stores and restaurants — has been for films to be more or less entertainment , as well as commercial .
18 In an effort to prevent this kind of accident ( which is almost always fatal for the tow pilot ) , the emphasis has been for pilots to keep their glider very low just after leaving the ground .
19 Selection has been for growth potential ; the average 400-day weight of bulls is 447kg and their mature weight 966kg , with an average withers height of 140cm ( the breed minimum is 132cm ) .
20 I 've heard it 's out for the Commie ( well , has been for years ) , and was wondering where I could get hold of a copy .
21 She will stay with the man at whose side she has been for years , Secretary of State James Baker .
22 According to Spicker , this debate is ‘ moribund and has been for years ’ .
23 And although entitlement caps are not easy to implement , there is more interest in them in Congress than there has been for years , and the interest is being communicated to the administration .
24 He 's his friend , has been for years . ’
25 It has been for years .
26 Charlie , is on his last legs , has been for years and , might as well have him put down , as that Nick keep saying , I think I 'll have to have him put down he , when he takes him for a walk he collapses .
27 Finally this study has given me a good idea of what life has been for people living in the past in America , where as before , I would n't have had a clue and it 's also taught me that no matter how many times you read a book , you 'll always find new links and connections .
28 No wonder that the answer to the puzzle was AN EXCLUSIVE SCOOP and that is just what her entry has been for Ann Scudder of Dartford , Kent as she is the one to scoop up this fabulous prize .
29 The most dramatic rise in cautioning in England and Wales has been for adult offenders .
30 The struggle for most of the centres has been for funds .
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