Example sentences of "[verb] been for some " in BNC.

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1 As Elisabeth , Rosalind Plowright sounded more secure than she has been for some time on British stages and sang her last aria with true Verdian pathos and passion .
2 If a child is sniffing with a group of young people , and has been for some time , it may help to provide other more interesting and exciting leisure activities .
3 My wife Pam has been for some time aware that I have been having an on-going relationship with Suzannah , who I believe is known to some of you .
4 There has been for some time in Africa debate concerning the suitability for the Eucharist of wheat bread and grape wine .
5 Evidence from official statistics suggests that the number of households containing two or more elementary families has indeed fallen : from 3 per cent of households in 1961 to 1 per cent in 1981 ( Social Trends , 1987 , p. 41 , table 2.1 ) Clearly this is , and apparently has been for some time , very much a minority arrangement within the British population as a whole .
6 There has been for some years a basic agreement that the parliamentary salary should be sufficient to prevent MPs feeling the need to seek supplementary income .
7 There is indeed , and has been for some years , discussion on the political level as to whether , and to what extent , public transport , particularly in capital cities , should be regarded , and financed , as a social service , out of taxation whether national or local .
8 ‘ The Khanate is settled , and has been for some time , ’ his father said dismissively .
9 For one thing , Kelly 's very happily involved in a relationship and has been for some time , so I 'm quite convinced her eyes wo n't stray towards any ski-bums , no matter how handsome . ’
10 She then moved to Bristol City Council where she has been for some months .
11 Nine tenths of the Leicester ring road is finished and has been for some years .
12 Erm the certification of the flight control system is the critical path item and has been for some considerable time .
13 It has to be said that there has been for some years within the Labour Party something of a class divide — a working-class element resentful of a middle-class takeover by lawyers and the like .
14 Bob Gunnell , of course , is an was and has been for some time a very supportive member of South East Arts and active in many of its committees .
15 Impressive reading it may have been for some , but tantalizing for the men and they certainly rose to the occasion .
16 The initial impetus came from the Managing Director of one of the largest of the Harris Tweed manufacturers — the son of a crofter and himself a fisherman in his early days The Association was , however , given its distinctive shape and its constitution by the first chairman , Rev. Ian Carmichael , a Gaelic-speaker from Lismore who was a minister in Stornoway at the time , and who had had considerable experience of welfare work in industry , and had been for some years vice convener of one of the largest local authorities in Scotland .
17 They had been for some ten minutes locked in a close embrace , the length of their bodies pressed together .
18 While there clearly was an ‘ objective ’ discontinuity of subject perspective between selective school mathematics and the practice of some segments , increasingly dominant within some countries , of university mathematics , and had been for some years , it again required interested actors , utilizing the climate of ‘ crisis ’ resulting from the campaign on teacher supply as a major resource , to enter various arenas in order to persuade others of the ‘ need ’ for change .
19 " Yes , " said Clara , beginning to understand the nature of her mother 's satisfaction ; the lack of telephone of Mrs Hanney had been for some years a subject for discourse in a vein of amazed contempt .
20 His interest in humanity now was stone dead , and probably had been for some time .
21 ‘ That you were having an affair — had been for some time . ’
22 According to Alcuin the oppression of the Church by the secular power had been for some time a feature of Northumbrian political and ecclesiastical life , but the problem now was that Eanbald was said to be accompanied on his journeys through Northumbria by a retinue more numerous than any which had attended on his predecessors and inclusive of low-born soldiers , and Alcuin affected to be at a loss as to why he needed so large a force .
23 At this moment the King , who had been for some time busily writing in his notebook , called out , ‘ Silence ! ’ and read out from his book , ‘ Rule Forty-Two .
24 I knew only that it was dark , and had been for some while .
25 He said it was broken , had been for some time , and that if I wanted a toilet I should go to the cafe upstairs .
26 ‘ The improvement and the form suggests it 's the best Welsh pack since the Triple Crown in 1988 , so yes I 'm more optimistic than I 've been for some time ’ , said the 43-year-old ‘ Panther ’ , who is now a schoolmaster in Swansea .
27 ‘ Present values are lower than they have been for some time , and are sticking .
28 However , those who are unemployed , especially if they have been for some time , may find it is more important to send out as many letters as possible , in the hope of getting some response .
29 I am much slimmer and a better shape than I have been for some time ( or for months , years , etc. ) and I am going to get even slimmer and achieve an even better figure — a figure I never thought I could have .
30 ‘ I think you do follow us , ’ Cranston replied , ‘ and have been for some time .
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