Example sentences of "[verb] been [adv prt] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 What they might 've been up to .
2 I must 've been out at the wrong time .
3 Purists might argue he should 've been out in the colds using his sketchbook , instead of a camera , but he disagrees .
4 It should 've been back by now , some day in March , twenty eighth of March
5 I think that as professional drivers we would all w look at that and s and see that Er I mean been out with very many lorry drivers and er that is the way that I 've sort of been with the majority of the guys that I 've been in .
6 ‘ A girl called Louise Stacey has been on to them , asking how she could contact you .
7 ‘ I hear the English faculty has been on to Humphrey already , ’ he volunteered .
8 My department 's equivalent of Inspector Morse has been on to the change-of-address problem .
9 ‘ On a machine that no nome has been on for fifteen thousand years ? ’ said Masklin .
10 This is quite often the cause of the ‘ 1701 — hard disk error ’ reported during Power On Self Test when the drive is cold which miraculously seems to cure itself when the system has been on for a while and the drive has warmed up ’ .
11 A friend of mine Dave who wrote half the album with me and produced the album has been on at me for five years , come on let's make an album , let's make an album , let's make an album , making a , let's make an album er and a few record companies have come on and they 've always wanted me to do an album like maybe , let's prepackage old sixties ' songs and revise them , or let's do love themes from T V shows and which would never have interested me , so I said to Dave , you know when a record company comes with an offer to make an album , to do the album I wan na do then we 'll do one .
12 This technique has been around as a possibility for these machines for years , dating right back to the very early 1970s and the S42 , or ‘ peg-board ’ machines .
13 As we know , the FORM , or pattern shaping , is an integral part of the Electronic E-6000 , but it has been around on Passap System machines as the Form Computer Program for ten years or so , and to many knitters it is still surrounded by mystery and suspicion .
14 Version 1 of Rescalc has been around for some years and is today regarded as rather palaeolithic .
15 Brittle bone disease , or osteogenesis imperfecta , has been around for at least 4,000 years .
16 Strangely enough the best stress-buster of all has been around for thousands of years : massage .
17 I can not take the credit for inventing this — it has been around for many years .
18 Electronics is a universal tool that has been around for a while and which can be used to control electrical circuits — not a common art form .
19 The idea has been around for 80 years .
20 The theory of risk compensation , which has been around for years , says that drivers adjust the amount of risks they take to keep their perceived level of risk constant .
21 Europe has been around for a few thousand years and to be the first European under ten seconds … well !
22 ‘ Fuck ’ has been around for at least 500 years ( it was listed synonymously with ‘ sard ’ , ‘ swive ’ and ‘ occupy ’ in John Florio 's Worlde of Words in 1598 ) , but the supplement to the Oxford English Dictionary protests that its etymology is unknown .
23 The Ox has been around for a couple of months , but the new host of the Tips Clinic is Dr Butcher .
24 The humble raisin has been around for at least 2,000 years , but it has n't always been very popular — particularly in the US where novelty is all when it comes to food .
25 Homoeopathy has been around for nearly two hundred years .
26 Hypnosis has been around for a long , long time .
27 The concept has been around for at least 30 years ; the American Hospital Supply Corporation was receiving electronic purchase orders from the hospitals it supplied in the early 1960s .
28 Despite the fact that our genus has been around for some four million years , it is only in the past century or so that we have discovered the knack of using radio signals .
29 The idea has been around for ages , of course — people using two thin woollen sweaters rather than one thick .
30 On the lighter side , the Cessna 195B has been around for some time , having been auctioned at Duxford in April 1990 and , although remaining in the UK since then , has only just been registered .
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