Example sentences of "[verb] been [det] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 It could 've been any doctor , and it might not 've been a stethoscope .
2 She didn there would 've been enough change in that and Kath was gon na go straight to the bank and get her some money back , right ?
3 D' you remember I showed you a manuscript — it must 've been some years ago , now — purporting to be by some mariner who remembered an English cargo boat having gone down between us , here at Møn , and Malmo — during the First Schleswig War ?
4 Since then it has been many times re-invented and used for 3D picture postcards .
5 It has been many years since the proud Fruithill Park outfit languished in the bottom half of the division after only three games , which is the case this season .
6 It is not surprising that there has been such growth in the south-east .
7 IN THE Collectair office there has been much back correspondence to catch up on .
8 However , there has been much change in the importance of individual waters , and the present concentration at Chichester and Rye seems of recent origin .
9 There has been much criticism of the government 's housing policy , much of it from organisations outside parliament .
10 There has been much criticism of Morgenthau on the latter score , as we shall point out in a moment .
11 There has been much criticism of the overlap period , particularly in the afternoon .
12 Ever since this system was introduced there has been much criticism of the validity of basing the TDR on the profitability of the private sector , especially when used for non-commercial public sector evaluations .
13 In the UK there has been much discussion about teaching stall recoveries with a view to making it all easier for the beginner to understand and remember .
14 There has been much discussion recently of the nature of literary canons ; university teachers of English are seen as both initiators and guardians of the canon ( as , for instance , by Kermode in his essay , ‘ Institutional Control of Interpretation ’ ) .
15 There has been much discussion over the last decade about an ‘ entitlement ’ curriculum .
16 There has been much discussion of the need to increase the speed at which new products are brought to the marketplace and a ‘ rugby team ’ in contrast to a ‘ relay ’ approach to project management has been suggested as a way of making faster progress ( Takeuchi and Nonaka , 1986 ) .
17 In Britain these are in a state of flux although there has been much discussion about the role of the inspector over a long period of time .
18 There has been much discussion of attempts to increase labour force " flexibility " and the rise of the " flexible firm " , although it is not always clear if this discussion is based upon descriptions , predictions or prescriptions .
19 There has been much discussion recently about the value of the pound compared to the dollar .
20 Because of their apparent similarity to banks and their rapid expansion of recent years , there has been much discussion about their impact on banks , as competitors , and upon the money supply .
21 Recently there has been much discussion about new treatments for menorrhagia .
22 There has been much discussion of recent SNP parliamentary tactics .
23 In the rest of this chapter I will explain our thinking as clearly as I can , for there has been much misunderstanding .
24 There has been much misunderstanding , and the hon. Gentleman has done his best to manipulate that misunderstanding .
25 Prior to the reform of the market in October 1986 ( see below ) all transactions were on behalf of customers but subsequently there has been much trading between market makers as well as transactions with customers as the table shows .
26 There is no real news there of the owl , but someone suggests that I try the hills above Núpur where there has been much activity lately .
27 THERE has been much excitement in the past few days .
28 Some " disappeared " prisoners are transferred because there has been much publicity about their capture , but this is by no means always the case .
29 In addition , there has been much space devoted to the discussion of assessment , with the APU Report offering the most comprehensive attempt so far , with its proposal of an actual model of how this might be structured .
30 There has been much conjecture about a lack of motivation at lower levels in the Iraqi formations , as contrasted with that displayed by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards , or Pasdaran , whose commitment and capacity to hold out against Iraqi superiority in equipment were important features of the war 's early years .
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