Example sentences of "[verb] been [prep] [det] " in BNC.

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1 This book is for Ear'ole , who has been as enthusiastic about my shop as she has been about all the other things that I have tackled , and then begged her to help with .
2 But the Conservative record has been about more than increasing spending .
3 Surely that is what perestroika has been about these past five years ?
4 In broad terms , the division has been between those who see an accumulation of reforms and a gradual erosion of bourgeois dominance as leading to a situation in which a relatively easy and peaceful transition to a socialist society will be achieved ; and those who regard reforms largely as mere palliatives , value the struggle for reforms mainly for its effect in developing working-class consciousness and organization , and envisage the achievement of socialism as a more abrupt event ensuing from a more or less violent final confrontation between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat .
5 Both suggest that in the area of sexual morality the change has been towards less restraint , less control and more choice .
6 The direction of tertiary education since the mid-seventies , as the process of contraction has continued , has been towards more responsiveness , more accountability , reduced autonomy .
7 In November , he warned that if the likes of IBM and DEC did n't implement drastic measures they 'd go through ‘ Holy Heck ’ — DG has been through that and if the company is confident about one thing , it is that the worst is over .
8 The Liberal Democratic Party has been through many name changes since the 1987 election .
9 A former senior minister who has been through many spending rounds says we take them all much too seriously , they are merely a mating ritual , he says , adding , and a barren one at that , no offspring .
10 ‘ The North has been through some hard times , and things are changing .
11 As a result , an Inservice Panel was established in June 1983 , and it has been through this body that project-related INSET development can be traced .
12 The car has been through several variations of engine size , but now like an ageing but still beautiful dowager , repeated facelifts can no longer wholly hide the ravages of time and progress . ’
13 Gloucestershire County Council has been down this road before .
14 The city this morning is relatively calm , far quieter than it has been on many days in recent months .
15 ( Everyone is someone 's cousin in Bala , and a great help it has been on several occasions . )
16 Will discussion of reform then be remitted , as it has been on several occasions from 1916 onwards , to a Speaker 's Conference ?
17 The midwife said to me , ‘ This child has been on this earth before ’ and I thought that was rather an odd thing to say , but the midwife seemed quite adamant .
18 ‘ No-one has been on this path for two days . ’
19 A bridge has been on this site from the 14th century .
20 The Midland Fishery trout farm has been on this site at Horsley near Nailsworth since 1883 ; now its present owners have decided to sell .
21 As many parents have discovered , the problem with disposable nappies up to now has been with that word ‘ disposable ’ .
22 ‘ The liaison has been with all of the functional groups within the computer centre : analysis and programming , operations , user services , communications and technical support and data preparation .
23 It is certainly not true of Arab public opinion which has long ago accepted the ‘ linkage ’ that Washington has been at such pains to discount .
24 Over three-quarters of credit users reckon that its cost has been reasonable ( see Appendix I , Table 24 ) , and less than one in ten say it has been at all unreasonable .
25 Nor can there be any claim that the laws-of-war approach has been at all decisive anywhere in illuminating the issue of the legality or otherwise of possession of such weapons .
26 The exercise of these duties has been at all times , and remains , subject to the visitorial jurisdiction of the judges .
27 He 's fitter and sharper than he has been at any stage of his career , and he 's now playing to his full potential .
28 To refer once again to the unpredicted and possibly counter-productive side effects of the legal reform movement , the effect on the ‘ rules ’ question has been at most unfortunate in the eyes of many basic grade staff .
29 Joanne works at a grammar school and almost all her teaching experience has been at this school .
30 Anyone who has been to such a gathering knows that the fun-loving atmosphere of these occasions is not ideal to hammer home messages about personal safety .
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