Example sentences of "[verb] [adv prt] [prep] the " in BNC.

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1 I persisted , rather surprised that somebody who really had done something was so reticent , when there are people , like me for instance , who bleat on about the most tawdry experiences .
2 As they passed through the town of Isserre , spots of rain spat on to the windscreen .
3 They pay thousands and thousands for the Van Goghs and Modiglianis they 'd have spat on at the time they were painted .
4 Cheered on by the huge German crowd , who 'd given him a two-minute standing ovation when his record was read out during the knock-up , Becker was devastating in the first set .
5 But the scent was so fresh , it was obvious the beasts would be unwilling to leave for a while , so Grant decided to ignore them and push on with the next stage of their operation .
6 There was also , he said , ‘ already enough vehicular access points on to the common without more being introduced ’ he said .
7 So , we bang on about the play and the staging and the big themes , and , if there 's any space left , then , as the chairman of Critics ' Forum wearily intones , ‘ I suppose we ought to say something about the performances . ’
8 Innocently replying ‘ yes ’ , he found himself propelled on to the committee and later into the vice-chairmanship .
9 But she could n't forget , as the lights twinkled on around the entire hillside , that this man owned them all , every last apartment , every cypress , every swimming-pool and tennis court .
10 Two square escutcheon plates , each incised with a cross , have been riveted on to the surface above and below the keyhole .
11 Perhaps it is repetitive , but not for the sake of repetition , as each phrase carries a different emphasis and builds on to the prior phase for effect .
12 This project builds on upon the existing expertise of the Keele Life Histories Centre in the interpretation of autobiographies , in the historical study of social mobility , and in the analysis of social class and gender dynamics of historical change .
13 Also , the land which stretches back to Rockhill Farm from Swingswang on the opposite side of that road is all part and parcel of the County Council smallholdings , and only two fields away they sold off a piece of land a few years ago which has now been developed on to the frontage of the Banbury Road , which is in fact the Cromwell Business Park .
14 A tool called a shack-fork — a fork with curved tines and an iron bow at the shoulder was used to gather the swathes of barley into gavels ready for pitching on to the wagons .
15 At one stage she somehow got on to the subject of coal and said she simply did not believe it came from wood .
16 She added : ‘ When he eventually got on to the train he left the bird on a seat next to his cabin .
17 They got on to the airfield that night and started to place their bombs , but as the aircraft were widely dispersed , this took time in the dark .
18 We got on to the LRDG ration scale which was different from the rest of the army .
19 They got on to the field without difficulty in the middle of a bombing raid by the RAF on Benghazi , and sat there while their leader gave them a lecture on deer-stalking in the Highlands .
20 On Monday , the first day of the fair , Mum took me down to The Market Place after school and , armed with my fare , I got on to the children 's roundabout .
21 Before they got on to the subject of the commune they had been discussing which item of Hilbert 's former property they should sell next .
22 I paced the house for an hour or so and then got on to the council office .
23 I got on to the roof : the upper levels of mortar had crumbled so much that it was doubtful if the stack would survive the next gale .
24 Cecilia got on to the platform .
25 And then I got on to the , I was convenor of the housing allocation committee for very many years .
26 There was a stool nearby , and , climbing on this , Seddon got on to the firm edge of the sink where it met the draining board and reached up to the hatch .
27 Somehow we then got on to the theme of French poetry , and Eliot expressed surprise at one of Herbert Read 's recent pronouncements on Laforgue and another nineteenth-century poet I can not recall and about whom at the time I knew too little to be able to arrive at an opinion .
28 We somehow got on to the subject of detective stories , for it had been with some surprise that I learnt at the Old Parsonage meeting that at one time he had read them with avidity .
29 The traffic into Belfast was heavy , and it was a while before they got on to the motorway .
30 It was perfectly possible to see how Billy could have vaulted the fence , got on to the kitchen roof via one of the barrels and from there on to the main roof and all the connecting ones down to Sunil 's house .
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