Example sentences of "[verb] [pers pn] the first " in BNC.

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1 She came to see me the first night I was home , and we sat on the verandah , rather tongue-tied after such a long time , saying stupid things like : " Did you have a good trip ? "
2 This will make them the first and fifth most visited attractions in the world , with the other three being existing Disney sites .
3 What kind of people d' you think I the first year psychology students they 've been given some sexual orientation ?
4 Where I used to live , when they evacuated me the first time . ’
5 He intimidates me the first time I ever talked to him was in the pub
6 I remembered Sopworth saying how the cat had no sense of territory , how he 'd only just caught it the first time it escaped , racing north along the A2 .
7 I told you the first Michele had it specially made .
8 Oh , so you do n't so told you the first year !
9 ‘ You still believe I rejected you the first time , do n't you ? ’
10 She told him the first chance she had , when they had had tea and he was eating his lonely meal in the parlour .
11 ‘ I told him the first thing he has to do is establish who she is and where she comes from . ’
12 … commanded his armie to halt , and himselfe went alone to the toppe where , having sighted the Mar del Sur , he knelt down and raising his hands to Heaven , pouring forth mighty praises to God for His great grace in having made him the first man to discover and sight it .
13 Please note that you do not have to open the rings to put these markers over , though you should after you 've done it the first time , erm , it should become easier with practice , let me put it that way , okay .
14 if I 'd have fed it the first time I 'd have understood it , but I 've only fed it today !
15 Alison also likes 60s music ( too young to remember it the first time around ) and buying things for her home .
16 The dog is commanded to sit and if he does n't do it the first time , he is pushed gently into position .
17 's kept us on file and will give us the first date available in June .
18 ( If it upset you the first time , please move on to the next paragraph . )
19 I have asked no one else , I have given you the first opportunity of owning these things . ’
20 Well once you 've got the first , give me the first one which did n't come out and then it 's easy .
21 Win the new Renault Clio We unveil a fantastic new six-part competition to win one of this year 's most exciting models , and give you the first plant posers that lead the way to £9,180-worth of gleaming new car !
22 And I said oh that 's right , he said and I , I 'd come up and see her the first we 'll either take her out for a drink afterwards , I thought that does n't seemed to mix in one glass , and I going to a pub because she 's , but there you are , and she so 's erm , can I bet you 'll stay a bit , she said oh , I think December is your like it to be , well obviously it 's getting him settled you must n't over , she must off pushed him and then he 's said erm , I , I 've told mum and dad that if they want to go as well , they can go .
23 ‘ That lady tamed him the first time he set eyes on her .
24 No she bought a second lo a second twenty lot of twenty and I give her the first lot back probably .
25 Give him the first half , and see what he would do .
26 As a matter of fact I usually just give him the first line or two and leave him to get on with it .
27 I did n't believe it the first time either . ’
28 I hated it the first time .
29 He really did n't like it the first time we played it , so he tried spoiling it .
30 Suppose , for example , that your most recent life had been a particularly horrifying and traumatic one : you would not really want to experience it the first time you were regressed , as you might not be able to cope .
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