Example sentences of "[verb] [prep] [be] [adj] " in BNC.

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1 I was going to apologize for being stupid on Sunday when you both disappeared .
2 Clearly , the originators of the major schemes can not be criticized for being ignorant of principles which were not recognized when their schemes were initiated .
3 For example , it has been criticized for being unable to deal with problems of unemployment , which continued to rise throughout the 1980s .
4 Those who , like Newman Hall , let Gothic design take over , were criticized for being imitative and for demeaning the sermon .
5 They have been criticized for being slow ( a minimum of a 3-week offer is involved ) , cumbersome and expensive .
6 Solti 's reading veers between being becalmed and frenzied , with little feeling for an overview of the vast score .
7 But I think I knew unconsciously that the supposed crime was twofold : I was being punished for being female and for having grown up .
8 It is interesting to contrast this with similar descriptions in child abuse in which , for example , a baby is punished for being dirty , the expectations of the parent being quite unrealistic .
9 A fat lot he even cared about being late for church and she trying to keep up a good style .
10 and she 'll just think about it , and the more she thinks about being depressed the more she 'll get depressed in thinking
11 I do n't think so when I went to let him in he 'd pulled himself up round the patio and looked as though he expected to be walloped for being silly he 's taken us this morning .
12 The other girls could be forgiven for being depressed — after all , they were facing a racing dynamo , who seemed indestructible , regardless of weather conditions .
13 Now that 's what I mean about being dishonest .
14 ‘ If you mean about being lonely … ’
15 But one thing that is very relevant which , which you 've got ta think about is that , we all thought Operation Quickspend was great news did n't we ?
16 Edward was still kissing her , his tongue circling inside her mouth , but all she could think about was this new sensation between her legs , a little like the way she felt when they danced , but even better .
17 From 1889 to 1906 he worked on railways in many other countries : the Central Argentine Railway appointed him district locomotive superintendent in 1894 , but in 1897 he was summarily dismissed for being late in returning from leave in England ; in 1900 he went as locomotive superintendent to the Cuban Central Railways , in 1902 to the Lagos Government Railway , and in 1904 to the Lima Railways in Peru .
18 The man I have been foolish enough to fall for is incapable of trusting me . ’
19 It 's like should I resign for being involved in a sex scandal ?
20 Erm but er I think when you say about being confrontational there 's if you 've got a client in front of you the last thing that you want to do is have erm a confrontation with them
21 Nowadays the victims are blamed for being vulnerable .
22 It frightens me to think that not only are we so vulnerable to these monsters but also that we are constantly blamed for being provocative or careless .
23 ‘ Who cares about being nice ? ’ she asked .
24 As I expect you know , APRS was established some sixty years ago , and is respected for being apolitical , consistent , credible and above all objective .
25 Why should she apologize for being old and ill ?
26 That 's a thing you forget about is all the really obvious things .
27 The basic problem with this aspect of the technique is that the movement occurs very quickly , so you could be excused for being unsure quite what has happened .
28 erm There are one or two people who have just begun to identify a faint movement back into an increase in numbers , but over very many years you can know pretty well exactly where you are as far as the total number of pupils you have to provide for is concerned , and therefore , in that sense , the system can plan its resources for a known population .
29 The graduate in English was to be to some extent a scholar , in so far as he or she had a sense of the past and the capacity to understand literature in its historical contexts , particularly linguistic ; beyond that , what was looked for was wide reading , an appreciation of masterpieces , and a capacity to write well , attend to evidence , and disentangle sense from nonsense in argument .
30 We 've said it before , we 'll say it again ; playing with right-wing nationalism at a time when refugees area being murdered in Germany , when people are being put in camps and ‘ ethnically cleansed ’ in Serbia , and when people here are being attacked for being black is stupid and dangerous .
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