Example sentences of "[noun] from [adv] the " in BNC.

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1 The existing knowledge about the employee from inside the organization makes it easier to decide whether he or she is able to perform the work well .
2 The Foxhall Stadium-based club have been hit by injuries to Shane Parker and Mitch Shirra , and the refusal of the Department of Employment to issue a work permit for foreigners from outside the European Community .
3 Candidates from both the UK and overseas are accepted on to the full-time programme .
4 Candidates from both the UK and overseas are accepted on to this full-time programme .
5 As we saw earlier , trends in elite recruitment show no sign of reflecting the increase in qualified candidates from outside the ancient universities and public schools .
6 In the dead of night Elaine , 28 , drove the sparkling H-reg car from outside the home of her husband 's lover , through a pedestrian precinct and into the town hall 's glass-fronted main entrance .
7 It is not unusual to find adult education centres , in the middle of provincial inner cities , for example , in which the majority of the provision is still a testimony to white , petit-bourgeois aspirations and hobbies , peopled by students who travel into classes by car from outside the immediate neighbourhood .
8 In contrast , hospital based series have usually shown an increased mortality , which probably reflects the severity of disease in patients referred to specialist units from outside the area .
9 By the end of the inquiry , he had cross-examined nearly every witness from either the nuclear industry or a government department and delivered vast reams of his own evidence on every subject covered , some amounting to several hundred pages of closely-typed script .
10 The division consisted largely of recruits from both the Soviet Ukraine and from areas of pre-1939 Poland incorporated into the USSR by the Nazi-Soviet Pact .
11 We explained the presence or absence of worker control over output and earnings by ‘ external factors ’ , social influences from outside the individual workshop , eg the organisation of the industry , its degree of capitalisation , the strength of trade unionism and the culture of the community ( Lupton and Cunnison , 1964 ) .
12 Kevan Smith also wasted a clear opening , misses Darlington counted to their cost when the lively Preece broke clear in the 75th minute and curled a shot past the advancing Prudhoe from outside the box .
13 The equipment takes images from inside the body in the form of thin slices which can then be viewed by specialists on a computer screen .
14 Although insignificant on the map , it has long been a magnet drawing folk from the Dales on repeated visits ; latterly there has been a growing influx of tourists and walkers from outside the county to see the magnificent waterfall of Hardraw Force .
15 The ability to display hybridisation data from either the whole dataset or any subset ( eg a contig or group of contigs ) using show was very useful , particularly in conjunction with reorder .
16 Speakers from outside the black community , however , may not have any idea of the origin of these expressions , while even those within the black community may not realise their Caribbean connections .
17 In contrast , the Sinhalese did not separate crime from either the social setting within which the action had taken place or from the social setting of the court itself .
18 Erm but erm sitting in a traffic jam this morning I was very concerned to learn that taking effect from tomorrow the government is changing the grant for adaptation for severely handicapped people .
19 After processing , the light from just the reference beam , directed at the plate , will ‘ replay ’ the hologram as if the object were still in place .
20 For what seemed like an eternity both of them were suspended in mid-air , filthy fumes pouring into the carriage from inside the tunnel .
21 There 's an igneous intrusion there , with fragments of garnet peridotite — that 's a rock from below the earth 's crust — and I 'd like to spend a bit of time there , though the rocks at the north-west end look pretty difficult to get at .
22 Then I heard voices from outside the front door , and the key in the lock .
23 His job was to keep the stream of voices from inside the apartment above him recorded , encoded , radioed to Grosvenor Square for decoding and digestion by the listeners in the basement .
24 Gradually there arose a faint humming from outside the tent as people gathered to talk and speculate , so it seemed as if those left inside were surrounded by a swarm of curious but not unfriendly bees .
25 Though chopped every which way , the whole tentacle squirmed towards where they stood as if still joined together , glued by some adhesive force from outside the normal universe .
26 There is an approximation to this for all of these samples , but clearly there has been considerable bone loss from even the most complete bone assemblages .
27 The result is weight and inch loss from just the areas we want to slim down .
28 The polytechnics of the new binary policy were to be a key group of partners for the CNAA from roughly the beginning of the 1970s : the Assistant Director of Hatfield Polytechnic spoke of the polytechnics and the CNAA as ‘ inseparable …
29 The EC proposes to tax imports from outside the EC by applying the reduced rate of tax to the full price , or , in the case of those countries like the UK and Denmark which do not have a reduced rate , the standard rate to 30% of the price .
30 It argues that , even at a reduced rate , VAT on imports from outside the EC would seriously damage the London art market .
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