Example sentences of "[noun] you have give " in BNC.

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1 I really do appreciate all kindness you have given to me , Jean .
2 It seems to me that the indication you have given on the key diagram to alteration number three for Harrogate Knaresborough is exactly the same as for example the indication given for York and for Harrogate Knaresborough southern on the approved key diagram .
3 I rise to return thanks on behalf of my fellow guests and myself for the honour you have done us , and the pleasure you have given us , by asking us to share in this , your annual occasion .
4 The biggest problem is containing the number of speeches you have to give , because despite the fact the industry has contracted , all the institutions that relate to our industry are still flourishing .
5 So four winners you 've given us , any news about the track , to tell everybody for the next week ?
6 I have greatly appreciated the positive responses you have given to our concern to see the revised Structural Fund Regulations take full account of the need to ensure projects receiving funding do not harm the environment and , if possible , enhance its qualities .
7 You feel good about the help you 've given perhaps , but you still wish the person would only ring when it 's essential .
8 It was , Be blessings on thee , I mean and may God bless you for the help you 've given me .
9 On behalf of BAIE SCOTLAND , renewed thanks for all the help you have given us by providing such a useful series of seminars .
10 Speaking from the governor 's mansion in Little Rock , Arkansas , local boy Bill , said : ‘ I accept tonight the responsibility you have given me to be the leader of this , the greatest country in human history . ’
11 Finally , my renewed thanks to you all for the generous support you have given to your parishes and the diocese as a whole .
12 Thank you all for the support you have given .
13 ‘ I will show you the evidence that Osman goes to him every Friday and comes away with the money you have given him . ’
14 count of the times you 've given the kiss of life ;
15 Fellow Tablers I thank you most sincerely for the honour and opportunity you have given me to become your sixtieth National President .
16 well no , you go back and you have to start again , then you go , unless if you get say five that 's how many worms you have to give baby birds a day
17 ‘ From where we are standing we can see examples of the care and attention you have given to the recreation ground and I know all of the clubs who use our facilities thank you for your efforts and hard work . ’
18 eighty obviously I 'm not tying you to a figure we just want to get some idea , so seventy , eighty or ninety as maybe , about eighty schemes over five years you 've given estimates for
19 said and what er what 's the name you 've given it ?
20 ‘ Serve the Captain — what 's this stuff you 've given me ?
21 It also allows you to start a newness within your mind which was hitherto filled with the pain of loss and the pain of the control you had given to another to live your life .
22 Er I 'm not sure in in the case of the the example you 've given of the arising in Greater York that the question of a regional sop shopping centre would arise because that is not necessarily something that is generated within Greater York .
23 Can I put Clifford 's point to the point that we 're still discussing er which is about the surplus and how both your legal frameworks you 're advocating relate to the answers you 've given us about surplus and the concern about surplus .
24 ‘ If Gómez is not at the address you have given me I shall presume it is because you 've been in touch with him , so do n't phone him .
25 Appreciative of the loyalty you have given us in the past , we are once again asking for your support .
26 ‘ That 's the worst reason you 've given so far for marrying Mr Edgar , ’ I replied , shocked .
27 Again , currently there is no way , official way , of saying what plan has been made and whether the plan was met and then logging it into whatever system that you guys are going to dream up for recording what training you have given .
28 One thing you have to give the Germans , they were very clean .
29 We 'd also for those new pieces of the puzzle you 've given us today over erm Liechtenstein .
30 This is then divided by whichever of the indexing numbers you have to give the width of the flutes .
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