Example sentences of "[noun] was [prep] [art] " in BNC.

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1 He also expected support from Russia , but the tsar was too preoccupied with the affairs of Europe , where Napoleon was at the height of his powers , and Adam Czartoryski , the Russian foreign minister , advised negotiations with the Turks , rather than war .
2 Disillusioned with the ministry before he had even entered it , Vincent now said damningly that to trade in religion was on a par with trading in art or tulip bulbs .
3 The effect of war on religion was among the most profound of these influences .
4 Above all , Mosley had tried to reassure the country that persecution of race or religion was against the fundamental tenets of Fascism as it had evolved in England .
5 which was wrong , Valerie was over the moon really that she got engaged to this fellow , but he was much older than er Michelle and I , and er he did n't want to settle down
6 When the old Roman city was revived and became London again , from the late ninth century on , one of its prime functions in the eyes of King Alfred and his successors was as a bulwark against the Danes ; his boroughs had a major defensive role to play , and London was the greatest of them — one of the very few cities of this age which came wholly to fill a Roman enceinte .
7 Wally was in the band a couple of years .
8 If a rating or precepting authority over-rated or over-precepted , the remedy was in the hands of the electorate …
9 She 's married to an Englishman ; they live in Norwich , ’ he explained quietly , and then his eyes lowered momentarily to her mouth , and that one glance was like a caress .
10 Secondly , that I think Ryedale was under the impression that Policy E two would n't affect local authorities ' choice of allocated sites but that it was a policy to apply outside of developing units and those sites we wish to allocate in local plan and not that was going to restrict our choice , in our case in those sites .
11 What it means to BPExploration was at the centre of last year 's R&D strategy review .
12 If , for example , a horseman was in the field and the ploughing was going on extremely well , his stetches coming out neatly , with dead-straight furrows and a level ‘ top ’ , his mate sometimes called out in recognition of his prowess :
13 They constitute an acknowledgment by the delegates , committee and officers that the Association was for the time being inadequately organised and funded for undertaking major tasks on the national scene .
14 Phillip Thorpe , the AFBD 's chief executive , felt obliged to circulate to his staff a denial of reports that a merger with The Securities Association was in the offing .
15 One is how far advanced the Labour Party 's thinking was on the nature of planning it might undertake if it took power at the end of the second world war .
16 Such thinking was behind the absurd argument that the police should be restrained from giving hot pursuit to stolen cars , and it also lay behind much of the nit-picking objection to the Bill that we heard from the right hon. Member for Sparkbrook .
17 This is not unnatural , as in the 1970s and early 1980s Spencer was at the Queen 's University , Belfast , and an active member of the All Children Together Movement .
18 The hammering of her heart in her ears was like a drum beating .
19 They are well known in the Weald of Kent and Sussex and around Poole harbour ; and one land-drainage contractor was of the opinion in 1986 that in his own county , Northamptonshire , there was scarcely a parish without areas which were effectively undrainable due to ochre .
20 From the start , they had worked together like brothers , with respect and affection , and Coleman 's grief was in no way lightened by a suspicion that the killers might have fingered Asmar through him .
21 Moreover , useful as the clergy 's and particularly Winchelsey 's aid was to the magnates in the summer of 1297 , the laity had been encouraged to think that the clergy , especially because they did not fight , should bear a significant share of the financial costs of defence .
22 Er and this this case the there was a fire in a flat , the chap had gone out to work , we did n't know he 'd gone out to work , so we broke First of all we informed the fire brigade was on the way , we broke down the door , quick look in the flat , best possible way we could look , and the fire brigade turned up and dealt with the flat .
23 Discipline in the Jewish Brigade was of a sort unknown in any conventional army :
24 He looks at her in fear : ‘ the cleft was like a dumb , stupid mouth . ’
25 His cheque card was on the table .
26 He says the card was in the name of the Rt Hon Norman Lamont , and the Chancellor simply signed as Norman Lamont .
27 The card was in the door , and you rang him up anyway
28 The original deal was for the same time and same sum , but the difference now is that the new contract covers rugby only for the age bracket between 16 and 18 .
29 The initial deal was for the release of two singles and a potential album deal which has yet to be finalised . ’
30 The deal was worth an estimated US$6,000 million , and the purchase would substantially upgrade Taiwan 's ageing air force , which consisted mainly of 30-year-old F-5Es and 40-year-old F-5 fighters .
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