Example sentences of "[noun] it is for " in BNC.

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1 WHAT a tragedy it is for tennis that Dan Maskell ( right ) has gone .
2 With this in mind it is for consideration whether such forms should not be redesigned to separate the disclaimer of liability on the part of the hospital from what really matters , namely the declaration by the patient of his decision with a full appreciation of the possible consequences , the latter being expressed in the simplest possible terms and emphasised by a different and larger type face , by underlining , the employment of coloured print or otherwise .
3 When modern social anthropologists write about " primitive " peoples it is for want of a better vocabulary ; they could just as well be writing about " other " peoples .
4 If Cziffra is remembered at all in England it is for his technique , which has acquired a quite legendary status .
5 I would like to emphasise how valuable an exercise it is for students and teachers to attempt to analyse some recorded speech for themselves .
6 You do n't know Stella , what er a delight it is for us to have you .
7 So he has accepted an offer to drive the new Vector at Silverstone , but insists at the moment it is for this race only .
8 Meanwhile the owner the person who lived a small terraced property , whose garden backs onto the fields tried to get the hounds several dozen hounds off these two dogs who were being savaged to death and he had a heart attack in the process , Chairman and was hospitalized for several weeks That Chairman is the effect of the hunt on one of my constituents whose job it is for me to defend the rights that I was elected here to defend the rights of my constituents , not to be harassed in this manner .
9 What humbug it is for some Opposition Members to say that one should buy British and then travel around in foreign cars .
10 Or as Engels meditated , ‘ Irish history shows one what a misfortune it is for a nation to have subjugated another nation .
11 What utter and unbelievable nonsense it is for the Labour Group to claim that the Conservative Group have sought to exploit the needs of people with disabilities in order to gain political advantage .
12 What a splendid week it is for Earache Records .
13 ‘ It 'll do for the man it is for .
14 Freud 's hypotheses are not upheld : if the child is father to the man it is for reasons other than missing out on the breast and a too early acquaintance with the potty .
15 ‘ It is clear that when the section 8(6) procedure comes into operation it is for the police officer to make the decision whether the sample to be provided shall be a sample of blood or urine , but the police officer must convey to the defendant that the sample to be required may be of either blood or urine and must give the defendant an opportunity to consider which sample he would prefer to give if the choice were his and any reasons he has for that preference .
16 But if this be the case it is for Parliament , not for the judiciary , to decide whether any changes should be made to the law as stated in the Acts , and , if so , what are the precise limits that ought to be imposed upon the immunity from liability for torts committed in the course of taking industrial action .
17 ‘ If this be the case it is for Parliament , not for the judiciary , to decide whether any changes should be made to the law as stated in the Acts . ’
18 I think that the hon. Gentleman knows that in the first instance it is for the mineral planning authority to decide whether to revoke the planning consent for extractions and whether such action is warranted .
19 Where there is a conflict of views it is for the court to decide on the nature of the examination or assessment governed as always by the need to give paramount consideration to the child 's welfare .
20 For one thing it is for the Holy Spirit to tell us in that hour what we are to say , and for another thing the people we prove to be in that hour will be determined , not by our thinking about that hour , but by our thinking and living in this hour .
21 What a terrible thing it is for our literary establishment to be peopled by degenerates like this , he felt .
22 I 've , yeah I know , but it 's just some days you , I know , I see what you mean , talking about that , but at the end it is for your children anyway , cos you know , that money should be for your children and if you have worked and you put the money away for them anyway , you 've paid your taxes and things .
23 The more security you have , the more of a challenge it is for them and the more of a thrill they get if they get away with it .
24 That 's the way it is for me , ’ he says .
25 For that 's the way it is for the talented twosome .
26 In cases of doubt it is for the court to decide whether a witness is an expert or not after considering his qualifications and experience .
27 Structure for the translator is not the problem it is for the composer of an original work of the order of the Song .
28 Where communication is a problem it is for the local authority to find a way round this .
29 WHILE watching the Olympic boxing , I realised what a sensible idea it is for the amateur fighters to wear headguards to protect them from brain injuries .
30 It is evident that change has not been achieved as rapidly as desired , and to a large extent it is for this reason .
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