Example sentences of "[noun] it [adv] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 While it was doubtless a noble religion it still had a greater contribution to make to humanity .
2 It is thought to be exploring how insurance risks compare and fit in with the other financial risks it already manages routinely for customers .
3 Watch the buoy drifting westwards just north of the equator , as it approaches one of the moorings it suddenly changes direction with the current .
4 I ca n't stand to see people being cruel to animals it absolutely appals me , it does really , I feel like to take an axe to them
5 Though it was a thriving concern for several centuries it eventually fell into decline and finally out of existence with the dissolution of the monasteries in 1537 .
6 ‘ When I first saw the head in the font it just looked familiar — I could n't sort out why .
7 After the dog loses consciousness it rapidly stops breathing and its heart stops beating .
8 The importance of affirmation With regard to football it perhaps does not matter very much — people who like playing it or watching it are not likely to be seriously affected by our negative comments ; they will just think that we are stupid and go on playing and watching as before .
9 As a special bonus it also has to be able to merchandise our Fluffy Puffins .
10 Well my Lord , all we know is that erm when the report was served on the defendant it then came through court they were going to have to call Mr and then last week it was suggested er that er not only did they not agree but that they were going to try to prevent it being admitted in evidence .
11 It was an intelligent , thought-provoking script , but in Whitaker 's eyes it just did not work .
12 For all the good it ever did for your sons .
13 Other than in the early stages of a completely new programme it also requires evaluation of existing training , so that evaluation may be as important as identification of needs .
14 When the party is in opposition it also elects the Parliamentary Committee or Shadow Cabinet .
15 But to her mind it still did not excuse his neglect of everything else .
16 When these are delivered , it will sell most of the 43 aircraft it now owns to keep its fleet the youngest — and hence cheapest to maintain — in the world .
17 After years of uncertainty it now appears that a new chapter is about to open in the life of Dunkirk Mills .
18 No longer in the calendar with a prime week of its own , an event which has only just survived this year through a last minute rescue sponsorship package , will hardly be able to reduce its prize money in 1993 from the $1m it already pays to the Double-Up new minimum of $625,000 , even though it will no longer be guaranteed even one of the top ten ranked or other leading box office players .
19 when you turn your key it suddenly clicks and it clicks the thingy forward
20 With Amdahl Corp faced with an uphill struggle to adjust its business so that it can thrive in a post-mainframe world , and all its other major investments — things like the former Poqet Computer Corp and HAL Computers Inc still in the development stage and demanding more capital , while its own core business is a victim of the mainframe malaise , Fujitsu Ltd 's 80% of ICL Plc begins to look the company 's most valuable asset , making it increasingly likely that the company will in due course want to float a lot more than the 25% it originally suggested on the London International Stock Exchange : Fujitsu 's biggest problem is the one now facing all big Japanese companies — that the days of cheap capital at home are gone with the bubble economy , probably forever , and many Japanese companies issued convertibles in the 1980s that are coming up to maturity ; with prices on the Tokyo exchange still bombed out , few holders are going to want to convert into shares , which means that issuers will have to raise expensive new capital on the international markets to redeem them .
21 Under both governances it somehow managed , in friendly or hostile fashion , to draw supplies of meat , poultry and other foodstuffs from the fertile riverside plain known as the Merse ( or Marsh ) , which with its moderate rainfall was from early times one of the most productive agricultural regions in the country .
22 The company is cutting its multiprocessing teeth on this technology and the parallelising software it has developed for the clustering solutions it now offers .
23 On Friday it only niggled , as if the chief had departed from a conquered place , and merely left a small garrison behind , or as if he had evacuated the Corsica , and a few straggling pains only remained .
24 ‘ If somebody 's already used a break it just means you 've got to use it in a better way .
25 The great sides always capitalise on moments of good fortune and when Marty Roebuck made a hash of a simple penalty four minutes from the break it somehow ended up as a try .
26 Right , cos , it 's like everything , it 's like your weight it either goes up and up and up or it goes down and down and down , you 'll never hold it the same
27 This had been substantially rewritten since publication of the first draft in February [ see pp. 37234-35 ] , some of the revisions reflecting conservative criticism of the party leadership , but as delivered by Gorbachev it still came across as a spirited defence of his perestroika reform policies .
28 Although a picture of NCC confusion emerged from this study it still held out the hope , if only by implication , that more rigorous thinking would achieve better results .
29 In practice it probably did not make a great deal of difference to either party whether or not leases existed , unless or until a serious dispute between them arose .
30 In practice it soon withdrew .
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