Example sentences of "[noun] just to be " in BNC.

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1 Wickham showed the photograph just to be sure .
2 Right okay can you go into the , just log the data okay last week we were looking at test for structural change and we said that the Chow test is the most commonly used test for structural change in actual fact Chow developed two tests erm , the parameter constancy , I E structural change , fir the first one is where you remember what the , the principle behind the Chow test that you split the whole sample into two sub periods , right and you see whether the , some of the res residual sum of squares from each sub sample , right , is significantly different from the residual sum of squares from a single estimation over the who whole sample period , right if they are significantly different that suggests that the parameters that are estimated over the full er sample period , right , are n't as good estimates as the unrestricted estimates when we are allowing two different sets of parameters just to be estimated .
3 Suddenly they were wearing expensive clothes on and off stage , taking cabs everywhere , men were showering them with gifts in an attempt just to be seen with them .
4 Yes , but I think there 's no need to buy computers just to be clever or to be well ahead of your neighbours or your other business friends .
5 Asked us ower fur drinks and when we got there — I mean Ah 'd had a bath , splashed on some of the Givenchy for Gentlemen that Isabel got me for ma Christmas and got into ma designer tracksuit just to be casual like …
6 Not for the money just to be , just to see how they go on
7 He made a grunting noise just to be sure that Gurder heard him .
8 ‘ I did not come back to international rugby just to be the grandad of the B side .
9 ‘ I have n't worked for my degree just to be handed a cosy role in the family firm !
10 All they had to do was pile the earth back on top of the coffin and toss in a few bulbs of garlic just to be on the safe side .
11 Health Authority figures show some outpatients who 've been referred by their GP to an orthapedic consultant there , may have to wait more than 2 years just to be seen .
12 It was heaven just to be in his arms , to lean against him , to breathe in his warmth , his fresh maleness .
13 So I hope you see , that this Aldershot method which several people have mentioned is is a very effective way of structuring what you do here it can also be used very simply in in a meeting just to be able to put your point across simply but effectively .
14 They drove in silence for a while , with Rachel content just to be beside him , happy in the knowledge that all their difficulties had somehow been resolved .
15 Item — Why did the King leave Edinburgh on such a night just to be with his Queen ?
16 If we acted unilaterally , we should end up putting out of business our own egg producers just to be flooded with eggs produced under the very system that we had banned .
17 Make it make it twelve X just to be awkward
18 There were girls who followed Must n't Grumble from gig to gig just to be near the boy , recording these concerts on reel-to-reel tape-recorders .
19 If your joints are good , no cramping is necessary but I did put a couple of webbing cramps on my chair just to be on the safe side .
20 But they 'd had a thorough look through his life just to be sure and hit the jackpot entirely by chance .
21 After the past week at Loch Lomond , with Jake forever finding fault with her , it was like a dose of summer sunshine just to be accepted for what she was .
22 If SHe 'd known Jahsaxa 'd had hir fixed this way just to be an orgy machine , then SHe 'd never have gone through with it .
23 People travelled from remote lands just to be a part of it , for no one was ever turned from the door .
24 Why could n't he have had the decency just to be straight with her ?
25 And I know these people do n't feel free , I know they 're all hurrying along or sitting there worrying about their jobs or their mortgages or being late or an IRA bomb in the nearest litter-bin , but I look at them and feel a terrible sense of loss , because I think I 've surrendered all this ; the ordinariness of life , the ability just to be part of it and take part in it .
26 Even before I had learned to walk my eldest sister used to dump me in an orange box on the pavement next to Granpa 's pitch just to be sure I could start my apprenticeship early .
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