Example sentences of "[verb] [be] [v-ing] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 Because , although it 's before nine erm , the next morning erm you 're actually giving them now more lead time , you 've given them another day because an , sometime tomorrow you know , if it gets there at two o'clock and it 's off-loading in in in at the bay and someone checks that it 's been received and then someone makes a phone call to tell them it 's there , and then they 're doing something else , and then they come down and have a look at it , how many boxes do you think are sitting on loading bays that do n't get looked at for a day or two , or three , or four , five when they 've had a next day service ?
2 What Mr Sutherland can 've been thinking of , I do n't know .
3 I hear you 've been looking at Eggle guitars …
4 ‘ I hear you 've been talking to my Hilda and young Ralph . ’
5 ‘ I hear you 've been talking to our friends in Manila , ’ he says , chattily , as though the difference in our rank means nothing to him .
6 No but it must 've been talking about youngsters having cars
7 But they could 've been talking about something personal and we would 've heard everything they said .
8 Erm the issue is is that potentially you could be goi we could 've been going for four point three extra people and we probably wo n't do that .
9 I do n't think we would 've been standing outside the gates .
10 And there 's Master Tristram pretending he 's not listening to his father , who might 've been sitting in the Fowey stocks by now if it was n't for that same father 's efforts . "
11 See I 've been coming for years with mouth ulcers .
12 She 'd 've been lying on Spanish beaches with her eyes tight shut knowing that every Spanish boy who passed would fancy her .
13 There is talk , still unconfirmed but reasonable enough , that Sparc cloners anxious to finally turn their allegiance to profit are pushing for the port .
14 The professions have lost many of their better men ; many of those who remain are concentrating on maximising profits and fees to feather nests in the US , Canada or Australia .
15 That is why the peace process , for which Israel has been striving for 44 years , has to be seen as the only viable solution .
16 The old detractors may remain unconvinced , but taking ‘ Outernational ’ on its own merits — and leaving the past where it 's best left — this has to be the culmination of what Mackenzie has been striving for through those half-pitched albums of the late '80s .
17 The Old Berkshire Hunt , based at nearby Faringdon , has been hunting in the area since 1830 .
18 The press has been clamouring for ‘ new faces and new measures ’ .
19 Nonetheless , the Reagan administration has been moving toward building fences around the American scientific community .
20 Agribusiness , which has been moving into the luxury end of the market , with the growth of carnations in Colombia and strawberries in Mexico for sale in the United States , has contributed to the high level of exports .
21 THERE 'S little doubt that over the past decade the British public has been moving towards the Tory party 's ideal of a nation of home owners .
22 The genesis of political consciousness towards conservation programmes arose in very different circumstances , but its development has been moving in the same directions as family planning programmes .
23 The ash cloud has been moving around the earth at 75 mph at an altitude of about 15 miles up in the stratosphere .
24 Mr Tsongas has been thinking of reviving his campaign .
25 Woosnam has been thinking of changing to a ‘ cack-handed ’ grip on the greens left hand below right because his putting has been so poor in recent weeks .
26 Arafat , determined to rally Palestinians behind the deal , began the round of meetings on Thursday and has been struggling since then to overcome opposition of at least four of the 12 members attending , Palestinian sources said .
27 Robson , 35 , has been struggling with a recurrence of a calf injury and missed the explosive Manchester derby at Old Trafford on Tuesday .
28 Merson does n't hide the fact that he has been struggling with his weight .
29 In many cases success for one of our runners has meant a breakthrough in a problem with which he has been struggling in the classroom .
30 For a long time KFW has been promoting in particular the small and medium scale sector of the economy , i.e. it grants loans at favourable interest rates to small and medium sized enterprises to make up for their specific financing disadvantages …
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