Example sentences of "[verb] [be] [verb] time " in BNC.

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1 The last is probably the most important since it has been observed time and again that , during constitutional treatment , old symptoms reminiscent of previous states of health tend to recur , until a state of health can sometimes eventually be achieved where the only illnesses experienced are those common to childhood , such as coughs , colds , sore throats and skin rashes .
2 A subject which is and has been explored time and time again by authors is a vision of the future .
3 IMO it has been demonstrated time after time that Strachan is pretty useless on the left ( even though he put in a nice cross for Hodge on saturday ) ) Even in the scum match , Strachan looked just a little too late and too slow in most situations , and I understand from the match reports that he has n't improved since .
4 He has been given time to develop and in a recent interview on TV the trainer was even talking in terms of a possible Grand National victory .
5 CODEFAM has been given time on the church radio station and thus has the opportunity to denounce human rights violations daily :
6 On the other hand , there is a general warm acceptance of the monarchy , which has been revealed time and time again by public opinion polls ( e.g. National Opinion Poll , 1986 ; Gallup , 1976 ; see surveys of polls in Harris , 1966 ; Norton , 1984 ; Ziegler , 1978 ) .
7 The importance of prevention has been emphasised time and again .
8 This scenario has been repeated time and time again from Stagecoach and High Noon through the fast food diet of the Lone Ranger ( plus Tonto ) and the Range Rider ( plus Dick West — all American boy ) .
9 It has been shown time and time again that , if we follow the path of kindness and understanding begun by Xenophon , there is a more successful and gratifying way of training horses — as illustrated so long ago by Alexander the Great with his charger Bucephalus .
10 The first thing a Minister in charge of a department sponsoring a Bill has to do is negotiate time from the Leader of the House for his Bill .
11 All those things had been said time and again erm by various thinkers in the eighteenth century and before and after .
12 If London had been given time to study these , it would have seen that Smurfit is looking well placed in a world market notoriously prone to cyclical demand .
13 She had not come for the sake of experiencing a bush walk — and her willingness to help had been to gain time to carry out her plan , or rather , Aunt Bertha 's plan .
14 I 've been filling time wherever I am .
15 The United Kingdom has quite as much skill and technical resources as France , yet we have been worsted time and again by the French in the field of space , simply because the French have a centrally directed , planned , national space programme and we have not .
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