Example sentences of "[verb] [be] [verb] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 Some of the characters they met are portrayed by Minton in the book .
2 Some sites have tried to build an entire secure environment for the LIFESPAN Manager , such that all the operations foreseen are provided from within a set of command procedures to which the LIFESPAN Manager is tied .
3 Because , although it 's before nine erm , the next morning erm you 're actually giving them now more lead time , you 've given them another day because an , sometime tomorrow you know , if it gets there at two o'clock and it 's off-loading in in in at the bay and someone checks that it 's been received and then someone makes a phone call to tell them it 's there , and then they 're doing something else , and then they come down and have a look at it , how many boxes do you think are sitting on loading bays that do n't get looked at for a day or two , or three , or four , five when they 've had a next day service ?
4 Almost all grants received are regarded for tax purposes as reducing expenses incurred , or reducing the cost of the development in question for the purposes of calculating capital allowances .
5 The pulses received are counted by the driving software and give a direct reading of the cursor 's position on the screen .
6 On the debit side of the cash book all amounts of cash received are shown in the cash column , and all amounts banked are shown in the bank column .
7 Similarly , letters received are filed for the same purpose .
8 Foreign-debt servicing is not included in spending , though foreign loans received are included in revenue .
9 ‘ Ted would 've been lost without me , ’ he boasted .
10 What Mr Sutherland can 've been thinking of , I do n't know .
11 ‘ I think it must 've been hit by a car , ’ he said .
12 Well you see they 've been brainwashed to that sort of music so they 're bound to , bound to like it .
13 I hear you 've been looking at Eggle guitars …
14 The Beach-heads hear they 've been cursed by a Swells SOTW
15 you know so erm so some er a lot more should 've been done about actually getting , even if it was just well I 'm in that area , I 'm in the area on such and such a day anyway so I can call in to see you .
16 A little bit I think that he was just concerned that perhaps there might 've been other people who might 've wanted to come and if people had rung up and you had had a waiting list something could 've been done about it
17 ‘ I hear you 've been talking to my Hilda and young Ralph . ’
18 ‘ I hear you 've been talking to our friends in Manila , ’ he says , chattily , as though the difference in our rank means nothing to him .
19 No but it must 've been talking about youngsters having cars
20 But they could 've been talking about something personal and we would 've heard everything they said .
21 Erm the issue is is that potentially you could be goi we could 've been going for four point three extra people and we probably wo n't do that .
22 The slow-crawl music they produced might 've been linked with hardcore , but it was really ‘ the end of rock , the dying throes ’ .
23 You see I 've been entrusted with the task of getting him safely back to the Reich and I 've little more than three weeks to do it in . ’
24 ‘ I can see I 've been displaced in Leo 's affections . ’
25 On several occasions the ‘ correct ’ response was not the obvious one , so perhaps a wider variety of inputs could 've been catered for .
26 I do n't think we would 've been standing outside the gates .
27 ‘ You had them all the time — you trailed me round — you bloody filthy lying bastard — you poked my head into every shit-bin in Bristol — you led me up hill and down dale till my feet were dropping off — you made me steal some people 's boat — I could 've been got by the police — I might be festering in jail now — handcuffed — criminal — you do n't care , you 're criminal anyway — I would n't be surprised if you 'd murdered half a dozen innocent people and cut them up and kept their pieces stashed away in the hole where you 've been hiding my bag and my things and my money and my dreams … ’
28 And there 's Master Tristram pretending he 's not listening to his father , who might 've been sitting in the Fowey stocks by now if it was n't for that same father 's efforts . "
29 I know but you could 've been fetched from Grand Canaries .
30 See I 've been coming for years with mouth ulcers .
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