Example sentences of "[verb] [modal v] [verb] [pers pn] " in BNC.

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1 But you 're , but you 're quite right you , you certainly , you certainly have the right to say look , you know , rather than signing this now er I do need some time to think I mean let's face it there 's a load of s If you turn it over on the back of the credit agree
2 No it was just it was just so you , I mean let's face it , er my father used to mend our shoes , repair our shoes , in fact I 've still got his hobbing iron now .
3 I mean let's face it
4 wherever you go wherever you go there 's gon na be all this upheaval and I mean let's face it if the Tories do n't get in this time , and pray god they do n't , Labour 's gon na completely
5 No , no not a blocked one but I mean let's face it
6 . I mean , like , okay it was n't bad I mean let's face it and I 'm not exactly flipping Dolly Parton am I ? !
7 Well it , I mean let's face it it is n't gon na be no bigger than a clock is it ?
8 and I mean let's face it you might not like it !
9 and I mean let's face it if he is still with the old grandmother , it 's , that 's a different world as well in n it ?
10 I mean let's face it it 's not realistic .
11 on this , on this particular matter , I would like to add erm on C E G traffic manager as a tem as a temporarily lease because , I mean let's face it unless we plan ahead we are going to be in a hell of a muddle , in trouble .
12 But to say ‘ well we may run into erm problems which we ca n't at the moment foresee , or problems which may make life temporarily a little difficult ’ I do n't think should prevent us from tackling the problem .
13 I say let's give it a go and see what happens .
14 Just say let's say they also want you to do I want you to do the graph er they wanted this one where it was twenty as well okay .
15 The words I used may strike you as generous , or too romantic , but they are not inaccurate , merely inadequate .
16 Nevertheless , as I understand it , the individual may be striving towards mature object relations but finds himself in situations where those in authority to whom he may want to relate may cause him to regress towards infantile dependence .
17 what the valency is to make up this formula you could do the same if it was if someone told you it was an some unknown So if it 's an unknown compound and I drip Let's say it was unknown compound and I dripped hydrochloric acid on and I got carbon dioxide given off yeah
18 And we want to know let's say we 're interested in a a time of about ten hours or something .
19 Er P C er used the door opener which is a hydraulic system er it 's a jack type principal that when activated er forces the frame apart at the side but at the same time should exert pressure onto the door and then er knock should knock it in very quickly .
20 Hateley pointed out : ‘ I always felt the league format might help us .
21 Their participation hinged on a variety of factors such as personal situation at the time of receiving the response sheet ; feelings of obligation towards the two agencies involved in the sampling ; perception that being interviewed might help them in the future ; boredom with prison life ; and simple curiosity .
22 A few questions about playability , resilience and notching could keep them in order !
23 you know kind of build on , build on the criticism as it were and build on the things that people say could improve it erm
24 Police are keen to recover her stolen black handbag , which they say could help them find to her attackers .
25 The interaction of intense laser light with certain gases can produce extreme ultraviolet radiation , but the windows needed to keep the gas contained would absorb it , some ingenious ways were devised to amid windows , but they generally were too cumbersome for practical use .
26 Efforts by the EC to introduce a tax last year were frustrated by the Bush administration 's opposition to the concept which European industrialists claimed would put them at an unfair disadvantage in world markets .
27 None of the mortgage societies they had approached would advance them more than ten .
28 He trained them to regular confession , and whenever any one of them was dying would prepare them for death , and be thankful when they died in penitence , peace and hope .
29 Each knew without saying that the powers of Callanish would bind them and that whatever was to come would guide them .
30 Mr Smith , who is also chairman of Fraserburgh Fish Merchants ' Association , said it was not just the French who were suffering from cheap fish imports — catches could be bought from eastern European boats in the North-east at prices which local fishermen say would put them out of business .
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