Example sentences of "[verb] [conj] it [verb] " in BNC.

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1 The second hand had stopped where it had met the pin inserted near the 55-second mark .
2 While I was struggling to stop it , frost was formed where it struck my already cold hand .
3 Plugs or outlets too , are often fitted in a haphazard way around the room , with the result that when a lamp is placed where it seems most needed , it frequently has to trail a dangerous mess of flex or wire with it .
4 But in July Mary of Guise was able to fight back more successfully , and at the end of the month the two sides made another truce , by which Edinburgh was to be free to choose its religion , and Catholic observance was not to be reinstated where it had been suppressed .
5 His thick black curly hair seemed to grow around his head like a crown , leaving his forehead exposed where it had receded .
6 Why do they have to go where it says : Danger ? ’
7 I 've used a balloon in Africa but you tend to go where it wants !
8 a similar point arose where it proposed to serve the writ and an Anton Piller order out of the jurisdiction on a Belgian company .
9 It 's got two chances either it lives or it dies , and it started to grow like mad .
10 I followed the telephone cord and found where it went into the wall .
11 It transpired that it had been syphoned off into private businesses .
12 This view avoids the necessity of explaining how an increase in complexity can occur by denying that it happens , but only at the expense of supposing not only that there is a minute homunculus in the egg but that within that homonculus there is an egg containing a still more minute homonculus , and so on , in Chinese box fashion , ad infinitum — or , if not ad infinitum , at least back to Eve , who carried within her a sufficient number of successively smaller homunculi to account for all the future generations of mankind .
13 The government , denying that it held any political prisoners , ordered the women to end their protest , saying that opposition supporters were taking advantage of it to cause unrest .
14 Whatever criticisms may be made of the STV there is no denying that it has proved viable in its own fashion in twenty-two general elections in the Republic of Ireland .
15 The Halifax , Britain 's biggest building society , also disclosed that it had set aside a £20m provision against its loans to the collapsed London docklands developer Kentish Property Group .
16 But in the immediate wake of the October 19 crash , IBM 's most serious rival , Comdisco , disclosed that it had lost $100m in a business that had nothing to do with its main occupation of leasing and trading IBM equipment .
17 Eventually , on Feb. 25 , the Israeli Foreign Ministry disclosed that it had formally requested additional US military aid worth US$1,000 million to offset defence costs incurred as a result of the crisis .
18 It was the only object , apart from the books , which reflected a personal taste ; Dalgliesh hardly supposed that it had been provided by a Government agency .
19 Some commentators suggest that it represents a key political platform for the government in coming years .
20 We do not know how this activated state is subsequently maintained throughout the healing process , although the final overrun and pile-up suggest that it takes some time to switch off .
21 It is covered with gold leaf into which is etched a pattern of oak and bay leaves — and a medieval North Italian inscription , the surviving words of which suggest that it said : ‘ In this little goblet one often acquires happiness ’ .
22 What evidence there is on sett size suggest that it does n't necessarily increase with group size , and certainly the four individuals in the Brighton group would hardly seem to need a complex consisting of more than a kilometre of tunnels .
23 We suggest that it enables the parents to pay a compliment to close friends by inviting them to be godparents .
24 Accounts of their trial suggest that it took the form of a political witch-hunt , with the intention of intimidating other critics of the government .
25 The examples listed earlier suggest that it covers a vast variety of relations ; for example the relation between capitalists and workers is said to be one of oppression , while that between factions of the ruling class might be competition .
26 The climactic series of explosions of 27 August added volumes of fresh material to the already huge eruption column above the volcano , and some estimates suggest that it rose as much as eighty kilometres into the air .
27 Our journeys on the whiteboard suggest that it holds the key to our concepts of beauty .
28 Now , sources close to the receivers of the H-M Agency of Los Angeles suggest that it has been conclusively proved that she was involved in the massacre at Dead Rat , Arizona , last year , during which a peaceful force of process-servers were murdered by members of the Maniax gangcult , who then razed the community to the ground .
29 It is famous for its tremendous resources and ability to get the job done , but other firms suggest that it has a less than enviable success rate .
30 The differences found between them may throw light on certain rarely remarked properties of the object which suggest that it has a major role in the development of cognitive abilities and the ways in which the world is perceived , understood and lived in .
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