Example sentences of "[verb] [pron] at [adj] " in BNC.

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1 That had frightened me at first but now I thought the Star Zoo was wonderful .
2 So , if a couple are not married , the surviving partner receives nothing at all under the Intestacy Rules .
3 Other sketchbooks contain swift pencil notations which correspond to oil paintings , although it is not entirely clear what function they served and whether Monet consulted them at any later stage in the evolution of his compositions .
4 To Ruth , crouching by Gran , he seemed hugely tall ; but he gazed round like a helpless child , seeming not to see them at first .
5 Once they 've joined in the Pirates Club , you 'll be lucky to see them at all , as they go through their paces for the junior cabaret ( where a lot of hidden young talent come to light ) , or as they enjoy the treasure hunts and fancy dress parties .
6 ‘ Normally we do n't like people to see them at this stage .
7 The girl cried out in alarm at the sound of Rohmer 's shout , swinging back to see them at last .
8 Seven student teachers will be taking their examinations on 21st and 28th March — we wish them luck and hope to see them at next Q.T. Day .
9 ‘ I 've got someone coming to see me at nine , ’ he said .
10 yeah yeah and fine now I think somebody 's coming to see me at eleven and then I 'm teaching from twelve til two , somebody 's coming to see me at two but a bit later on this afternoon or on Monday morning I can do
11 What I still could n't understand was why he wanted to see me at all .
12 ‘ I 've sweated blood to get him to agree to see me at all .
13 Only thirty people were allowed in to see me at one time .
14 My father come to see me at one holiday and the Easter time he see something happen and they did n't like him and cos all my as cabin boy .
15 Very good of you to see me at such short notice . ’
16 I should think because I 'm doing something with some students shortly and then erm there 's somebody coming to see me at two so er
17 yeah yeah and fine now I think somebody 's coming to see me at eleven and then I 'm teaching from twelve til two , somebody 's coming to see me at two but a bit later on this afternoon or on Monday morning I can do
18 Instead of inviting my patients to see me at 10-minute intervals — generally I offer them each 10 minutes of my time — I shall invite the lot to attend at 9 o'clock in the morning .
19 Glaring from one to the other as they stood on either side of the bed , she said crossly to Lucy , ‘ So you 've brought him to see me at last .
20 Several older NCT children have started school this year so we sha n't be seeing them at Open Houses now …
21 They did n't want me at this party , but because I AM , fang and claw I have grapple-hooked their smooth cliffs , and have the right to stalk these wooded cliffs , lap at their abundant streams .
22 Words failed me at this last find … but not so my companions !
23 Martin 's phoning me at eight o'clock .
24 It is a moment that is likely to reshape the strategic thinking of traditional , print-on-paper publishers , perhaps encouraging them at last to re-define their activities and participate more extensively in information media of all kinds .
25 Israeli children eat these pancakes during Hanukkah in December but you can make them at any time of the year .
26 As they moved from one high-ceilinged panelled room to the next , signs of disorder and decay met them at each open door .
27 Looking back on the decision a few years later , he interpreted it in these terms : " What I wanted was some counterweight to my changeable and restless inclinations , a science that could be pursued with cool impartiality , with cold logic , with regular work , without its results touching me at all deeply . "
28 The highest type of firework last year if it was specified was the sparkler remarkably enough and we would make this point very seriously that parents tend to give children sm very small children sparklers and they must remember tha that these things are fireworks they are dangerous they do get red hot er they must supervise them at all times when they give them sparklers cos they may wave them around they may se set somebody else 's clothing on fire with them they may get the sparks in their eyes if they get too close to them er and one particular danger of course is that they they may get hold of en the hot end when the firework has finally extinguished and they think it 's all finished with .
29 Men often ‘ raise questions , and multiply disputes , which never coming to any clear resolution , are proper only to continue and increase their doubts , and to confirm them at last in perfect scepticism ’ .
30 We were at great pains to explain that we were novices and aware that diving in Barbados was unlike diving in the UK and were told that ‘ courses taken on holiday mean nothing at all ’ and that we should be prepared to snorkel around a pool for six months should he deem it necessary , and that even if we did dive to any standard we would be taken on a dive ( presumably in a pool ) , and ‘ ripped down ’ until we eventually failed a test .
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