Example sentences of "[verb] [pron] the time " in BNC.

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1 it 's kind of you all to spare me the time . ’
2 People often asked me the time just to hear my voice so they could proclaim my gender to their friends .
3 Ward stirred and asked me the time in a voice heavy with sleep .
4 If you 'd known at the beginning that I knew your parents you would n't have even given me the time of day .
5 ‘ It might buy you the time you need .
6 You 've got to know what the time
7 " I do n't know what the time is . "
8 Do n't know what the time is , I did n't even look when I clocked in .
9 I du n no , I do n't know what the time is ?
10 I would n't give them the time of day . ’
11 That might be enough for Leicester might just give them the time .
12 Not long ago he was on the phone to me moaning about Paul saying , he wo n't give me the time of day .
13 If I gave an interview I was the greatest guy in the world but if I said ‘ no , I want some time to myself ’ , they would n't give me the time of day .
14 ‘ You can see that he did n't give himself the time to finish it .
15 The children are a pain , frankly , and Tim has sinus and wo n't give you the time of day .
16 ‘ Him , ’ they said , ‘ if he had two watches he still would n't give you the time . ’
17 And then it 'll give you the time just to relax together but I mean that , that 's why I say , Rudy has n't got a clue in this
18 By the way the lot of seemed to be played in Hertfordshire these days , and one of the great days is at Harpenden and that 's on September the first on Sunday , when they have their annual single-wicket competition , and that 's a great local event and it 's bound to encourage all the young cricketers in the neighbourhood , they 're trying to make up for the lack of cricket in schools , so well done Harpenden and that is on Sunday next , er , er , first of September and I 'll give you the time in a minute if I can find it , when it is , it does n't say , but it 's probably all day at the Harpenden club , well done Harpenden encouraging young people to play cricket , Sunday first September .
19 ‘ The wizard said that the little man had some sort of golden disc that told him the time , ’ said the Weasel .
20 I would n't give him the time of day if I could help it .
21 ‘ I do n't care how good the idea is , I do n't like you and wo n't give it the time of day . ’
22 You give them the time of day .
23 And the before nine guarantees , just give them the time factor again .
24 Give me the time of your flight and I will arrange everything else . ’
25 Sit down and give me the time I need to explain everything to you ? ’
26 Granting ourselves the time to speculate and dream of a world to come gives us a chance to prepare for and adapt to a future way of life .
27 Retirement allowed him the time to pursue his botanical interest , often in company with his children and grandchildren , between whom and Evan the devotion was mutual .
28 He never mentioned Nordhausen or the involvement of the Russians , but knew that if he could commit the British Secret Service , it would keep the CIA off his back and give him the time he needed .
29 well again we 'll , we 'll see what the time is like wo n't we ?
30 Few people give themselves the time to think clearly about their own futures .
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