Example sentences of "[verb] [pron] the [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 ‘ Someone in the audience has asked me to greet them the way the chimpanzees greet each other in the wild at Gombe , ’ Jane Goodall began .
2 My father who was a er a clergyman taught me the piano from an early age and er I first became interested in the organ purely for money purposes in fact , when at the age of fifteen a local methodist church in Durham where we lived at the time said er , We need an organist .
3 But you 've taught me the difference between art and life .
4 I with the jack , so I thought well somebody will throw me the thing , you know ?
5 But whatever age , Stow offers them the chance to meet up with old friends and catch up on the gossip .
6 Whereas the Third Republic did set out to improve the aesthetic education of these citizens , the modern welfare State offers them the bread and circuses of culture as spectacle and entertainment .
7 Cooke says : ‘ Egg pasta is certainly preferred by many chefs not only because of its excellent colour and flavour , but because it offers them the possibility of upgrading their pasta menus , thus increasing their profits . ’
8 Sally Cline 's Women , Celibacy and Passion ( Deutsch , March , £15.99 , 0 233 98804 1 ) will reawaken the debate about sexual abstinence last seen in Liz Hodgkinson 's Sex Is Not Compulsory : Ms Cline identifies a new breed of passionate non-performers , ‘ women who believe that celibacy offers them the independence , the creative time and energy for their own growth and work which conventional sexuality has not allowed them ’ .
9 The prison governor tells them they are about to be shot and offers them the choice of dying like men or wearing blindfolds .
10 Thank you very much for bringing me the transistor — and I 'm sorry , Dr Vaughan .
11 He strode to her , eyes blazing , and shouted , ‘ Why did you specifically come to see me the minute you found out I had my own investment bank ? ’
12 I 've had them born in the car on the way the the mother have come to see me the father has brought her to see me thinking that if she could just see me she 'd be alright .
13 They serve as a valuable corrective to approaches of the kind that a behaviourist view might encourage , approaches which impose conformity on learners , reduce the scope of their participation as persons , and deny them the exercise of individual initiative in the learning process .
14 Keep them out and you deny them the chance to share in our unpopularity .
15 It 's wrong , Mr Deputy Speaker , if they 're living in this country erm on a semi-permanent basis and happen to have been here last October they 'll have a vote so will any everybody else who 's a citizen of the European union , so will peers of the realm who happen to be living elsewhere whether they 're in this country or outside this country under these regulations and previous regulations , have a vote in the European elections and I think it 's wholly wrong that erm citizens of other European countries namely France because that 's the one and it 's remarkable is it not that France is the one that 's gon na be the cause of this whole edifice collapsing if we do n't submit to their extra demands but citizens of France who are citizens living in their colonies , as I 've said in South America , the West Indies and the Pacific , will have a vote in the European elections on June the ninth and yet we have got citizens for whom we are responsible for in this house , we can not shirk it onto anyone else , we deny them the responsibility and I think it 's about time the house addressed this matter .
16 How do we encourage membership when you openly deny them the right to vote ?
17 WHATEVER the home unions committee may care to think , the team who performed with great distinction in Paris are Lions to a man — and if the powers-that-be will not grant them the honour with a large ‘ L ’ they can hardly begrudge it with a small one .
18 ‘ Will you lend me the money ? ’ asked Elaine , shame-faced .
19 but I said because you bring some guy , you 'll lend me the room on a Sunday afternoons , up and down
20 ‘ I think people get even angrier if they think about this precise thing that was done in their so-called formative years that made them the way they are .
21 In Germany , in July 1932 , the Nazi party won 230 seats in the Reichstag , which made them the majority party , although Adolph Hitler was not able to become the Chancellor until January 1933 .
22 Of course , had the guilds and fraternities included a handling charge in their reckoning they might have attracted an income allowing them the freedom to purchase for themselves those ‘ extras ’ now being clamoured for .
23 This will spare them the necessity of checking to find out why you did n't acknowledge the call .
24 ‘ I was looking for new challenges , and Cassell as a large independent commercial publisher offers me the scope to publish a wide range of books in a commercial environment . ’
25 But does this make them the future of rock ‘ n ’ roll ?
26 The camcorder has given everyone the chance to star in their own home movies .
27 I came here today to have a look but I did n't think it would affect me the way it has .
28 Lloyds was advertising its services as a small business adviser at the time , but the bank still lent them the money without any business plan and despite a survey report saying it was worth quite a lot less than the loan .
29 I 'm just sorry the whole thing happened and the man who must be embarrassed about this most of all is sponsor Matt Laverty who lent me the bike on Thursday night at practice . ’
30 She lent me the money to get my second bike — that Triumph Speed Twin : it had a lot of poke for the size .
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