Example sentences of "[verb] [pron] [art] same " in BNC.

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1 ‘ You could dye them the same colour , ’ said Betty .
2 It has become a familiar complaint of managers this season , dissatisfied that the ‘ brave new world ’ of the Premier League merely offers them the same problems as the old .
3 They always bring them the same day so there 's not much point in looking anywhere else .
4 You could make them the same overall diameter , you could even get the tensions to be the same , but when you play those strings they 're going to feel completely different because a string with a thin core and a heavy wrap is going to move more freely than one with a heavy core and a thin wrap .
5 He might be my best friend but he will treat me the same as any other player and will only pick me for a Test if I am bowling well .
6 It was of course my mother , and she asked me the same questions as my neighbour .
7 The Sheriff asked me the same question and I gave him the same answer as I have you . ’
8 Because obviously if you had one particular factory on the tideway and another producing an identical product and identical effluent in one of the tributaries , you could n't treat them the same because they 're patently different cases . ’
9 Now you 've given me the same answer for two different inputs , but that 's okay .
10 No , you make them the same as us !
11 I abruptly asked them the same question I had of Benjamin .
12 Because I asked in the other classes , three or four American students , and I asked them the same question .
13 In his absence , I afterwards asked them the same questions , and they were able to explain quite adequately .
14 Most fax software lets you define a group of names in the fax phone book , and send them the same fax at the click of a button .
15 ‘ T is so no more ’ , that is , he can no longer consider himself the same person — he has become , at last , a human being ( line 36 ) , not a dreaming poet , and he can not go back to the earlier state .
16 Well there 's Sian , they probably want one the same for Nicola , Jill
17 ‘ My dad looks very like me , he has everything the same as me — even the same hair and freckles all over his face .
18 and what was your desire in nineteen eighty seven before the Telegraph article , about increasing on spending advertising , keeping it the same or decreasing ?
19 he has he the same problems that we 've all had you know erm and yes he 's , he 's , he 's very easy to listen to despite the fact that he 's a southerner .
20 that 's the perfect time and I had this sort of doubt in my mind erm then I was fortunate I learnt a co a very good scripted presentation for getting referred leads and once I started to actually ask , cos that 's all it comes down to , erm then I was getting three , four , in the end I was being quite clever and saying look if you just restrict them to three then I 'll give them the same good service I reckon I 've given you this service
21 Oh yeah , I , I 'd give them the same options but
22 ‘ What I ca n't understand is that Helen told me the same thing .
23 Now that should give me the same answer as if I do ten take away five so it 's take away a plus five , Yeah ?
24 ‘ I told you the same thing . ’
25 Does that give you the same answer ?
26 Or what we could do , if you say these this dose makes you a bit drowsy , we could give you the same stuff but in a lower dose .
27 ‘ I 'll give you the same chance I 'd give a hungry vixen in a rabbit cage , ’ he growled .
28 As soon as he got home , the telephone was ringing and she told him the same thing many times .
29 Having saved him from almost certain death in the morning at the hands of the enemy , fate had collected him the same evening by a stray bullet fired in error by a Maltese Army recruit .
30 I am sure that you will give him the same affirmation and support you gave to me when I arrived .
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