Example sentences of "[verb] [pron] [modal v] [pers pn] " in BNC.

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1 well I ca n't say I eat either , so it would n't really affect me would it ?
2 Yes I think that probably this had been er very wise in this er in so I 'm not saying that they 've helped us or anything but they 've kept the middle of the line and erm In the beginning when things were beginning to whatsit er the inspector sent two policemen down here and asked me would I ask the lads not to do any damage to property and all this , and that and said , Right there 's a lodge tonight and I shall ask them I shall tell them to do that .
3 The Flemyngs would be away , no doubt , ‘ at a banquet in Perth ’ , and they were ; a butler spoke to them from an upper window and asked them would they kindly leave a message so they marked the house with dirt and rotten potatoes while the servants rushed to bar the shutters over the windows .
4 You must have heard my name-may I come in with you ? ’
5 I do n't think I 'd I do n't know I do n't know what I 'd do .
6 I do n't think I can I know I can .
7 Erm I mean we we have some left but I mean they 're mainly empty which does n't matter a lot I mean I 'll them for next year .
8 Go on then , I 'll take a chance , I mean I 'll you thirty for six , no ?
9 Yeah I might , I mean I might I might go in the best ones I can get .
10 I mean I might I might do .
11 Well yeah , I mean I might I can probably get more advice on the R A F or Army than , than the Navy .
12 No I do n't feel guilty , I mean I would I would love to see everybody that was on the platform still alive .
13 The medical booklet I mean I would I er I think I believe in that you see .
14 Yeah I know it 's easier no you must feel really gutted , I mean I would I know , because as you said , you going out for ten months yeah exactly , yeah , exactly I mean come on you really liked him fancied him loved him oh wow , I said love , love love , I do n't know love hey man yeah yeah it 's probably , you know like when you dumped him for Danny it 's just probably like that yeah exactly exactly , so do n't worry oh come on he ca n't give up ten months for nothing I know it has to end someday , but it does n't I mean it 's like everyone thinks like that , it really annoys me , everybody , right who 's about our age yeah , they just go out with someone knowing that one day it 's gon na end , they 're just waiting for the day , and that you know , you should go out with someone with the intentions of being with them forever I know that sounds pathetic , but it 's true , yeah I know , yeah exactly yeah , yeah I know , why do you think I said it ?
15 Yeah the main difficulty is in is in the time period because it 's it 's quite likely that I mean I 'd we 'd been we 'd been hoping that the target candidate could put in a reasonable amount of personal commitment to the campaign .
16 Yeah I mean I 'd I 'd like to avoid really
17 Erm I mean I can I Actually I have n't got all that many left , which I think is
18 Yeah , but I mean I can you tell you for nine , half past something like that .
19 will you still need me will you still feed me when i 'm sixty-four
20 Well like I say I 'll I 'll mark the rest of them when I 've got them all in .
21 Oh dear , so like I say I 'd you know chat , you know chat away to her because I
22 You just do n't know who 'll they 'll do next .
23 nudge you should you say anything .
24 And you ca n't just go and buy one can you ?
25 If Vitor reported her might she be taken to court and fined ?
26 So I must say I entirely agree with Heather on this , it seems to me inevitable logic of Freud 's theory and erm my own view is that group psychoanalysis is a contradiction in terms , you can not do psychoanalysis in a group of this and those who say they can I think have n never understood what psychoanalysis is all about and are misleading the public and people pay good money for it .
27 Would n't know it would you
28 No the money I want to spend , I 've partly already written back and said , can I use this money as we do n't need it can I buy chairs , I was specific .
29 Well if they do n't sell 'em what can you ca n't buy 'em can you . .
30 Requesting : Can I buy it Will you lend it to me
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