Example sentences of "[verb] [pron] [modal v] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 ( 67 ) I should like to see them dare say a word against me .
2 We are improving what the employment service has to offer in the new integrated offices , as all hon. Members who have been to see them will know .
3 I said you and I were man and wife , and to lose me would break or damage your bond with the King .
4 Adding five examples to the chapters that at present lack them would kill two birds with one stone .
5 Those totems were my warning shot ; anybody who set foot on the island after seeing them should know what to expect .
6 I mean nothing could catch my imagination fantasy .
7 Gandhi was right : for the caste system to go everyone must clean latrines , and Untouchables must be seen as Harijans , Children of God .
8 Handling and using them may give a sense of the past .
9 For the next sale , a wider range of firms will be eligible to establish shops and applicants using them will have preference in allocations if there is heavy demand .
10 John Selwyn Gummer , Minister of Agriculture , Fisheries and Food There is no point in producing a list of microwave ovens without giving the detailed instructions so that those using them can improve their performance .
11 Merit goods ( bads ) are goods that society thinks everyone ought to have ( ought not to have ) regardless of whether they are wanted by each individual .
12 Hence a hereditary mechanism which transmitted them would result in continued degeneration .
13 I mean them let's face it one out the three of us should of thought a bit more .
14 I think they burn very easy Do you think everyone will dress up today ?
15 So would you like to just read what you 've written there so that , because I do n't think everyone can see , and I think this is
16 There is a mistaken notion that if the five declared nuclear powers ( America , the Soviet Union , Britain , France and China ) gave up testing weapons , other countries now trying to acquire them would stop .
17 Although losses may be equal , the side that is the better able to sustain them will derive most benefit from any encounter .
18 The community church started in a home and to wear them would have been distinctly odd .
19 These are often a combination of personal and peer-group interests ; and pursuing them can lead to the development of a wide range of knowledge and skills .
20 These are sentences such that everyone who understands them will agree on their truth value no matter what the circumstances .
21 Well they 're some of the best in the land , greyhound punters , I mean they 'll come they like their greyhound racing , real erm diehard people and erm they 'll come in any weather , I mean , the other Thursday when we really had a load of snow down , I mean no-one would come , you would n't even get off your couch for that , but erm we still had three hundred people attend which was erm even though as I say , we lost money on the erm meeting .
22 ‘ If you were n't already so bruised and battered I 'd turn you over my knee and make sure you had nothing to laugh about . ’
23 I had few friends , just one or two left over from school , but on the infrequent occasions when we met I could see from their faces that they pitied me , finding me foolish and Syl a bore .
24 I realized I would get no help from the Treasury and , indeed , I suspected that they could not understand why the department was wasting its time on this issue at all .
25 I realized I would need to convince them at the first opportunity that I was primarily a practical policeman and not an academic ; and I also noted that while the college was keen to list the academic qualifications of those on the course , the participants quickly justified Lewis 's assertions by playing them down to emphasize their history of praxis and practical mastery .
26 I just made the whole bed and then realized I 'd put it on the wrong way .
27 Anyway I realized I 'd have missed you at the Club , so I turned round and set off back .
28 I knew it was n't going to be easy , as it was so very much his world , but I realized I must do it soon , because the longer I delayed , the longer I felt I would go on doing so — like facing up to the ashes .
29 They sent me to Cambridge for a couple of terms — that 's where I first realized I must run — I do n't want to blaspheme about one of your famous institutions so I sha n't tell you the name of my college though you 're longing to know — the girls in their bed-sitters , the cocoa-drinking , the tittle-tattle , the atmosphere of heartiness or domesticity in the combination-room — But , my dear , it must be getting late and here I am telling you things that you know as well as I do . ’
30 So I realized I could do an act based on what it is like to be me .
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