Example sentences of "[verb] [verb] some time " in BNC.

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1 And I thought you might want to go some time anyway er , not on a Sunday .
2 Peter : What he 's done today is buy himself a little time , his troubles are n't over , Mrs Thatcher still casts her shadow over this conference he still has problems inside and outside the cabinet but he has bought some time .
3 On the very day of the dinner Charlotte Poole was writing in her journal : ‘ We are shocked to hear that Mr. Thelwall has spent some time at Stowey this week with Mr. Coleridge , and consequently with Tom Poole .
4 Walter Last has spent some time developing a system for cutting the compound angles on the segments for his turning
5 Even where individuals have not been to the West Indies themselves , they often live in a household with an older person of the same generation ( e.g. an older sibling ) who either was born there or has spent some time there .
6 London has come to be my second home , but it has taken some time to get used to it .
7 According to purchasing manager Roger DaForno , this excellent relationship has taken some time to build and there 's no doubt that both organizations ' commitment to a process of continuous improvement has helped immensely .
8 ‘ It has to end some time , Ace .
9 Barraga ( 1976 ) claims that ‘ In order to stimulate interest in visual development , and in learning to see more things , many children may need to spend some time visually investigating objects in the classroom or in the natural environment to broaden their visual experiences . ’
10 An objective is a clear , precise forecast of what you want to achieve some time in the future .
11 This had an iron undershot wheel but ceased operating some time in the 1920s .
12 ‘ A worldwide permanent ban under the LDC is the best way to convince the nuclear states that they must actively and seriously seek land-based solutions , and implement them now , ’ A spokesman for the Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Foods said : ‘ The LDC is doing a detailed study of the dumping of radioactive waste at sea and we hope to report some time next year .
13 Cos I think they 'd gone some time ago .
14 It grieves me to say that the committee seemed to spend some time trying to denigrate the authority 's findings and to vindicate the tobacco industry .
15 If you 're partial to drinking bottled water , the report on Which you might like to read some time .
16 " I would like to ride some time — perhaps one evening when I 've finished work .
17 I 've got to have some time alone .
18 I was going out later and Sophie and I were going to spend some time on the beach with the two girls .
19 We are , therefore , going to spend some time getting to know the real you .
20 I am going to spend some time with my family . ’
21 We should be , we we 're only here for a little while cos I 'm going to spend some time with the girls cos I ai n't see their
22 But that is going to take some time . ’
23 ‘ I have already been told I will need an operation and it is going to take some time to sort out my problem .
24 Er that 's going to take some time er to start penetrating again er companies that er will provide us with the er with the work opportunities .
25 But , even if she did find their name and address , since the alternator needed seemed to be going to take some time to track down , there seemed little point in trying to contact them that day .
26 But it 's going to take some time before construction begins .
27 That 's going to take some time to achieve , is it not ?
28 Ice expected to last some time , but look for a few skimmers and perch at Newport on pole and maggot .
29 But my hand had stopped bleeding some time ago and I could not reasonably pretend that I was wounded .
30 Emerson and Jackie swopped positions at Brands Hatch , with both of them missing gears at critical points and having to drive some time in oil thrown up by Ickx 's Ferrari .
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