Example sentences of "[noun] that give [pers pn] " in BNC.

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1 I suppose it was the isolation that gave us such a feeling of camaraderie . "
2 In the process of sexual selection , certain males were said to develop characteristics that gave them the edge over other males in the competition for females .
3 In this particular instance it is representational , as the ‘ performance mode ’ is , for the child is required to describe in action whatever the teacher suggests ( as in the example above , ‘ So you go to the bathroom and turn the doorknob ’ ) , but the ‘ exercise mode ’ has other characteristics that give it a special mental quality .
4 We have begun to measure these trees , noting characteristics that give us clues to their genetic relationships : these trees , growing under plantation conditions , will eventually tell us whether we really have collected new genes useful to farmers who grow cocoa .
5 The sayings of country people , sometimes tinged with poetry , always rich in concrete images and braced with the vigour and rhythm that gives them long life , are worth revealing .
6 All of the walking species had the widely-splayed legs that gave them a slow and lumbering gait , but , in the absence of more streamlined animals , they prospered .
7 By the time they are mature , hedgehogs can have several thousand of the modified hairs that give them their prickly appearance and an ideal form of defence against attackers .
8 It was what was within the bird the force that gave it such power , such vitality . ’
9 The throw took her by surprise , was sharp and strong , and went a little wide , so that it was only the experience of three younger brothers that gave her quick enough reflexes to shoot an arm out sideways to take the catch .
10 Another episode that gave him much reassurance was the time when Kate invited him in for tea at the Rectory .
11 ‘ It 's your casualness that gives you away , ’ he said .
12 There was a purposeful look now in her eyes that gave him pause .
13 BeckerTools is a set of utilities that give you better or extra disk and file utilities under Windows .
14 BILLY JOEL is battling to save the tiny New York club that gave him his first pop break .
15 In short Moses Moses revealed to that like the Egyptians each generation of Jews that gave them their character in general which is that today
16 We did pain relief and I did all my exercises , had films , talks , books that give me advice and everything , dead good they are .
17 Denyer decided to put together a mix of landscapes and portraits , images that gave him particular visual pleasure .
18 It was the therapy that gave me the strength to leave my girlfriend because through it I established the fact that I was prone to passivity , always waiting for other people to call the shots .
19 But it was working as a computer specialist in the insurance industry that gave him the necessary experience , most notably the motor insurance experience , he needed .
20 The boots have a Vibram dual density sole that gave me all the grip and comfort I needed over steep wet grass and rough ground .
21 In a world of single parents , almost all of them female , it is the relationship that the young man has with a solid male figure that gives him an edge and keeps him on the straight and narrow .
22 Only an idealized observer could see both the inner processing and the causal relations of the symbols to outside objects that give them meaning : no one could actually be that idealized observer , because each observer is confined to operating on the symbols that are within his computational machinery , and this excludes their external causal relations .
23 Those in the East End included a half-share in Chandler 's Wiltshire Brewery in the Hackney Road , Bethnal Green ( via the Lion brewery , Lambeth , the brewery that gave us the South Bank lion ) ; some of the pubs belonging to the Commercial Brewery Co in Commercial Road , Stepney , in 1927 ( the rest went to Hammerton 's brewery , Stockwell ) ; and West and Co , of the Three Crowns brewery , Hackney Road , Bethnal Green , with 60 pubs , in 1929 .
24 The girl singer was in good voice by the pool , singing some sentimental Spanish favourites , with that wistful lilt that gave them their distinctive charm .
25 It was proving to be an ideal choice of holiday with a programme of free activities that gave us an easy opportunity to make friends with the guests form other nations who gave the Club such a cosmopolitan atmosphere .
26 You should aim to strike a deal with your employers that gives you real peace of mind .
27 I ca n't find a bit that Give me the pencil and let me show you .
28 It was the Royal College for the Blind at Hereford that gave him new inspiration by teaching him how to sculpt .
29 Although it looked completely different , it was this truck that gave me the concept for ‘ MiniMag ’ , the 27ft ( 8m ) articulated truck that we used for Mrs Thatcher 's open-air meetings in the 1987 election .
30 ‘ That headache has tightened you up all over — or perhaps it was the tightness that gave you the headache in the first place . ’
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