Example sentences of "[noun] that [verb] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 It is not religion that drives it , or theory ; and the rejection of Marxism now looks , in retrospect , like an inevitable part of its natural growth .
2 But Christianity is the only religion that makes it clear that only one god exists .
3 On the death of her father in 1866 she suffered physical and mental breakdown , confiding in a letter that it was her religion that held her up .
4 It is that ‘ right feel ’ about an action that tells one all is well .
5 It is their good fortune to have the luxury of comment without the responsibility of action that enables them to appear more in tune with public feeling than the ideologists of either side of the political spectrum .
6 The Ancient Greeks had a word , ‘ hubris ’ , to refer to any human action that over-reached itself — of the kind that the Greeks regarded as an offence against the gods .
7 ( Inimical means that certain remedies have been found to be similar in their action that prescribing them in succession leads to aggravation e.g. Mercury and Silica should n't follow each other without interposing some other remedy ) 2 ) The beauty of the LM system is encompassed in its ability to fulfill §.2 of The Organon :
8 From my point of view , one of the most powerful arguments that needs to be addressed is the argument about individual freedom and this is always important to me about , if you 're going to take an action that limits somebody 's freedom , you damn well have to have a good reason for it .
9 Thirdly , as for members of the public suing in respect of unlawful action in the public sector , will the Secretary of State confirm that unions have no immunity now for unlawful action in respect of public services and , that , although there may be some doubt about it , the only decided case in law held that the public already have the right to sue in respect of action that affects them ?
10 Swallowing his pride , Lexandro inveigled , connived , and bribed his way as a junior shrimp into the very Ducas clan gang which his father had heard would soon be pressed into service — an action that grieved his parents .
11 Rosen eked out a conversation with her and without Leon Kennedy , who was sewn into an isolation that made him more powerfully present .
12 ‘ It 's not your isolation that concerns me , ’ he informed her drily .
13 I suppose it was the isolation that gave us such a feeling of camaraderie . "
14 Most other weapons can not be considered to have characteristics that make their use illegal whatever the circumstances ; although some others perhaps do — for example , bacteriological weapons , which can equally be argued to be per se illegal .
15 As well as the academic and professional qualifications , accountants who aspire to the de rigueur red braces must also have personal characteristics that set them apart .
16 These divergent states are often subjectively perceived as having distinctive characteristics that mark them out as discrete varieties : people can recognize regional varieties such as ‘ Birmingham ’ English , ‘ Yorkshire ’ English and so on , and they often have a fairly clear idea of how such varieties are distinguished from one another .
17 In the process of sexual selection , certain males were said to develop characteristics that gave them the edge over other males in the competition for females .
18 Television news has three significant characteristics that affect its ability to influence the electorate .
19 In this particular instance it is representational , as the ‘ performance mode ’ is , for the child is required to describe in action whatever the teacher suggests ( as in the example above , ‘ So you go to the bathroom and turn the doorknob ’ ) , but the ‘ exercise mode ’ has other characteristics that give it a special mental quality .
20 We have begun to measure these trees , noting characteristics that give us clues to their genetic relationships : these trees , growing under plantation conditions , will eventually tell us whether we really have collected new genes useful to farmers who grow cocoa .
21 It was a headline that did it , I think I put something like , ‘ Like Lambrettas To The Slaughter ’ …
22 Other stands that caught my eye on my tour were Johnny van Haeften 's very fine paintings , Wartski 's exquisite objets d'arts , David Messum 's fine painting , Bernheimer Fine Arts , and Garrard the Crown Jewellers ' silver .
23 Roman shot her a glance that told her nothing of what he was thinking .
24 She flashed me a glance that made it clear there was some backbone in there , it was just the training that made her act like a dipstick .
25 He joked with them like a cheerful , older brother and sang one or two shockingly rude Army songs that made them both giggle .
26 ‘ These are the songs I grew up listening to , ’ she says , ‘ they are the songs that made me want to be a singer . ’
27 Filled with windswept harmonies , stripped , emotional guitar playing and the kind of plaintive , country-tinged songs that niggle you from here to the grave , the latest offering from Nebraska-born songwriter Matthew Sweet will win the favour of anyone whose tastes lie somewhere north of Gram Parsons , south of The Beatles , east of CSN&Y and west of the Pixies .
28 These were songs that laced their natural exuberance with a strain of English satire that was remarkable because it seemed so unaffected .
29 Steven continues : ‘ There 's a complete balancing out of all the different musical influences which enables us to write songs that make us sound like no-one else .
30 Their new LP ( their best since their first , Psychocandy ) is good for different reasons : because it has the sort of rumbling guitars and invigorating , climbing , bittersweet songs that make you jump out of bed and open up the curtains in the morning .
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