Example sentences of "[noun] i [verb] [pers pn] " in BNC.

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1 Oh mum me do it , me are gon na do that and that in a minute
2 And on my faith me think it good reason
3 Bernard I think it 's up that lane you just come down .
4 When I did get to the bike I saw it was virtually in pieces and realised that Darren had been attempting the job himself .
5 Now he does n't actually make the concession I think it 's consistent of what he says , that he ought to concede that direct democracy might be better at improving the citizens , because after all the citizens have much more to do on in service of the state but his view is that direct democracy has the opposite failure to guardianship , that while it might be better at improving citizens it 's absolutely hopeless in managing the affairs of the state and his reasons for that is that we need experts with experience in order to carry out the affairs of government and although these people ought ultimately to be held responsible to the people , people should n't sit in judgment them in every one of their decisions .
6 Meeting Jack in his butch horn-rims gave me a feeling of intense familiarity , and the first time we banged glasses together in mid-kiss I knew it was sight at first love .
7 PS I take it we all hate Scarborough almost as much as Chelsea ?
8 Hampton M. Vins PS I hope you will charge your lowest price for it , and if you please not to send a duffil one , but a cloth one , full yard long , fail not on Wednesday , please to send it by Mr. Field the Waterman , who comes to the Beehive , at Queenhithe , pray do n't send a duffil one but a cloth one .
9 Unfortunately , I wrote to him in rather a hurry , and did n't take copies of the notes I sent him .
10 I never ceased to be astounded by how quickly and thoroughly he absorbed the notes I gave him . ’
11 The following is summary of notes I showed you today , I do n't think Rob was in a receptive mood ! :
12 Jo Spence I think it was then I was ill that I understood for the first time what it was to be a victim .
13 I thought he had seen the enemy aircraft and , as he winged over into a steep dive I followed him without question .
14 Various items get gulped up into my mouth , and after skilful massage with tongue and teeth I transfer them to the plate for additional sculpture with knife and fork and spoon .
15 the reasons I said I I I I could go along with that approach as well .
16 A seventeenth-century libertine who wrote excellent satirical verse ( he 's the author of the famous epigram about Charles II : ‘ God bless our good and gracious king/Whose promise none relies on ; /Who never said a foolish thing , /Nor ever did a wise one ’ — one of the reasons I like him so much is that allegedly he recited it extempore to the king ) and some great , great poems about sex .
17 In fact it 's one of the reasons I brought you here . ’
18 I was then granted unconditional bail , in spite of the fact that the magistrates knew all about the cocaine , which was one of the reasons I thought I 'd never get a sentence .
19 ‘ One of the reasons I do it , ’ he explains ‘ is because my wife and I can spend time alone together away from the family , feel young again ( they 're both in their early 40's ) , and have adventures . ’
20 like legal funding I think it was .
21 When you came to Moscow I found you intensely attractive ; in Grindelwald too , with the mountains so atmospheric !
22 ‘ As a midwife I thought I knew how to communicate with mothers , but my skills with deaf women were abysmal , ’ she says
23 Did you like that story I told you today ?
24 But by the time I tell you her story I want you to be prepared : that 's to say , I want you to have had enough of books , and parrots , and lost letters , and bears , and the opinions of Dr Enid Starkie , and even the opinions of Dr Geoffrey Braithwaite .
25 ‘ Now , I must go and read the children that story I promised them , and then I 'll have to pack my case , ’ he added , clearly considering the subject closed as he patted her hand before rising from the couch and walking away towards the twins ' bedroom .
26 I do n't know if I want to talk about this on a Saturday lunchtime I tell you Dan I mean it really is it 's erm What are you doing ?
27 In case I get it wrong ?
28 Rev Jim Caterer , vicar of Standish , said : ‘ I never say something is impossible but in this case I wish I could say just that .
29 Er one case I know he , he 's so well known amongst the old lads er he used to give you so many sums to do each day and I think it was four or five long division .
30 in case I miss him , and I want to order cream any time .
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