Example sentences of "[noun] [was/were] [art] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 Wallace and Speed were the scorers … shame Town ca n't appeal and ask for a replay …
2 Although she and Rune had exchanged verbal descriptions of their respective relations the previous evening , words were no substitute for flesh and blood .
3 Words were no use .
4 The words were a warning .
5 The words were a kind of balm .
6 Clear words were a matter of practical rather than juridical significance ; they were not the essential constitutive element in trusts but invaluable evidence as to the intentions at law of the settlor .
7 The words were a train of thought suggested by the music , by Neil 's guitar line .
8 His first words were a salute to the people of South Africa , to whom he declared : " I stand here before you not as a prophet but as a humble servant of you , the people .
9 Her hands were on his shoulders and she was pleading , but the words were a blur in the swirling mist of need and pain that engulfed him .
10 His words were the signal for Lord Hartington to send champagne in to the press room at Cheltenham , acknowledging the role of journalists in drawing attention to the problem .
11 For the disciples round the cross the words were the pronouncement of doom : the end of hope and meaning , the extinction of faith , defeat .
12 As well as the transformation of the Bois de Boulogne and Vincennes into real parks , as opposed to an ‘ arid waste covered by trees ’ ( the words were the Emperor 's ) , an attempt was made to endow all the areas of the city with small squares , which were in essence miniature parks ranging in size from one-quarter of an acre to six acres .
13 If the hon. Gentleman 's words were an invitation to me , I shall take up that invitation .
14 He paused ; the words were an introduction , a title .
15 In doing so , he naturally infuriated the federal government in Ottawa , which protested that his words were an intrusion into Canada 's internal affairs .
16 The words were an evasion , however , as was the purpose of their voyage .
17 ‘ When you ask these people ‘ What were the most important factors in your success ? ’ , they all say the main aspects were the importance of teamworking between all contributors , the clear identification of what had to be achieved for success .
18 Its guidlines state that the bypass would have to be within a hundred yards of the road or the conditions intolerable before the property would be bought , though the Judge Mr Justice Latham said that in his view those guidelines were a shambles .
19 These Yanks were a puzzle to me .
20 Mandy Sowerby and Spencer were the scorers .
21 So he set the play in a hotel room , and Frank and Betty Spencer were the honeymoon couple who booked in .
22 Instead , his side were a shambles again , a disgrace .
23 On either side were a series of editing suites , visible through small windows in the doors .
24 On one side were the Goldsmiths ' Company 's arms , in gold , four yards in diameter , with the legend " Free Grammar School , Stockport " ; on the other the arms again , with " Founded and Endowed by Sir Edmond Shaa , Knight , 1487 ; Re-endowed by the Worshipful the Goldsmiths ' Company , 1832 " in gold letters .
25 On the opposite side were the men who had marched up from Levenmouth .
26 In front of them to one side were the CEGB representatives , led by Lord Silsoe with streamlined efficiency .
27 On the catastrophists ' side were the Tories arid the Church ( the episcopalian Church of England , of course ) .
28 On the north side were the training huts , one for chemical and bacteriological agents , one for firearms and explosives and one for ideological instruction .
29 On the other side were the proponents of a new " music of the future " ( Zukunftsmusik ) , represented by Berlioz , Liszt , and above all , Wagner , whose restless chromatic explorations , culminating at this period in Tristan und Isolde ( finished in 1859 ) and the tetralogy Der Ring des Nibelungen ( 1854–74 ) , most radically undermined traditional diatonic stability .
30 Inside the ark were the tablets of the law — the supreme verbal statement of God 's holiness ( 26:16 ) ; at one and the same time the reason why God dwelt alone ( for none can match his holiness ) , and why by means of blood a sinner might enter his presence ( for the blood speaks of life laid down in payment for sin ) .
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