Example sentences of "[noun] [be] [art] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 MMITs are the building blocks for microwave systems used in satellite TV dishes and cellular radio systems .
2 The difficulties that public sector graduates have in getting into the senior positions in the professions have little to do with their academic accomplishments and much to do with the cultural stratification in society of which academic institutions are a part .
3 Its liberal hopes of progress are grounded in the beliefs that human beings individually have reconcilable goals like peace , health , and prosperity and that institutions are a human construct , not always deliberate and , once created , having effects of their own on people 's thoughts and actions .
4 By comparison with the US and the EC , UK competition-policy institutions are a muddle .
5 For his purposes data sheets are ideal and standard tests laid down by the national standards institutions are the methods that he uses .
6 Amongst the criticisms of UK financial institutions are the allegations that UK banks place too great an emphasis on lending to consumers , whereas overseas banks are primarily concerned with long-term industrial finance .
7 Such institutions are the envy of many Arab countries for they reflect a commitment to national identity that one will seek in vain in most parts of the Arab world .
8 Over the decade since 1973 the main features of the energy demand reduction are the 36% fall in oil consumption , the 66% rise in gas consumption and the 80% increase in nuclear power consumption .
9 sure that 's right but I mean I think the beginners are the people coming in new to the bis
10 For Mr information the vacancies are the difference between the number of beds we maintain and the number of residence we have .
11 Most burglaries are the work of petty thieves on the look our for an easy opportunity .
12 As pantomime punters know , giants are no fun and no-one 's friends unless they are killed .
13 Of the four remaining switches , Soft Clipping takes some of the harsh overtones out of the sound while H.F. Distortion does the opposite ; screaming harmonics are the order of the day here .
14 These magnitudes are the outcomes of hypothetical thought experiments on the part of firms .
15 However you make them , your notes are a record of what you have read .
16 Norbert Sprongel 's Duo for Mandolin and Guitar must be , I suppose , slightly later ( the notes are no help ) : the tone is generally more serious , though still Hindemith-with-Ribena rather than late Beethoven .
17 Alongside the notes are the kind of broad historical questions that you need to learn to ask about any topic and which have generated the headings .
18 These habitual acts are the rituals of sanity .
19 Bad debts are no excuse for banking folly
20 The heroes and heroines of Petipa 's ballets are an example of this category .
21 The Jovian satellites are the subject of section 9.4 .
22 Like the ideologies of ruling groups , he argues that utopian ideologies are a way of seeing the world which prevents true insight and obscures reality .
23 The sort of girls who would quickly come to the fore are the sort of Malory-Towers-Swallows-and-Amazons type ; practical down to earth and capable , but there would probably be many unlike that who would be perfectly handless when it came to organisation and practicalities .
24 SDOs are a means by which the government can grant consent for extensive activities , for example , for Mercury 's cable-laying for their alternative communications system , under the Town and Country Planning ( Telecommunication Networks ) ( Railway Operational Land ) SDO 1982 .
25 Their neoclassical enthusiasms are an indication of their isolation from what even Jovellanos could term ‘ the vulgar and idiotic people ’ who preferred the Spanish drama to the precepts of Boileau .
26 I have no quantitative evidence for this , and the reasons are a matter for speculation , but the difficulties some users have in getting through to us show that a remarkable degree of persistence is sometimes demanded .
27 The best reasons are the objectivity and credibility of an independent audit .
28 I do n't even mind ( much ) that these reasons are the cause , in one case , of a 78 per cent difference in the price advertised .
29 The first thing I learned in running the Grand Canyon are The Rules .
30 The gems are the TV channels .
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