Example sentences of "[noun] [conj] [verb] [pers pn] " in BNC.

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1 Someone who has received an object in exchange is like a buyer ; and so is someone who has received it in payment or retained it after settlement of a law suit or obtained it on the basis of a promise otherwise than as a gift .
2 my Lord , er , er , in , in my submission the , the , the highest really could put their case is that if the matter were referred your Lordship simply did n't stay proceedings or permitted them for example to apply for interim payment or permitted them to take some procedural steps to pursue their action so that they were n't unduly delayed should they succeed at the end of the day and that would be a major concession because it would run against a normal rule cos on a reference the entire proceedings are stayed , that 's not a case just saying even if that is done , er that anybody is saying that particular measure is or is good is not good or may not be forced in the interim
3 A new right may be a right to make alterations to the building or sub-let it or ( perhaps on payment of a penalty ) to terminate the lease .
4 Is it a covered building or do they just meet outside ?
5 This may mean demolishing the building or returning it to its original use .
6 On the other hand , after a glance at ‘ Luck of the Legion ’ , I went about for a week with a white handkerchief tucked into the back of my cap , ordering the dog to about-face or wooing it with words of French culled from the strip ( ‘ Oo-ee , mon pet it ’ ) .
7 Now just so that they see whether to times or divide we 've got to tell them , it 's no good just putting a ten there is it I 've got to say it 's a times or divide okay ?
8 For further advice on tactics for avoiding hidden agendas or surfacing them , see Games on page 71 .
9 To give reasons or to withhold them ?
10 ‘ We may produce guidance to local authorities or call them in for private chats ’ .
11 For all its strengths , the game has a few flaws — you ca n't drop objects or give them to another character .
12 Two choices exist , either to sell the material for scrap or use it as a substitute .
13 You knew everyone who went to work in the early morning — the chappie who came round on his bike and rod to put out the gas lamps or to light them .
14 Congress is not empowered to make laws for the states or to substitute them for the laws of individual states and so on .
15 If you have a story or issue you would like to see covered or if you have any enquiries about the programme please write to :
16 But I w I was wondering myself did the watchmen make up the story or did it come ?
17 ‘ So , are you going to climb on board or do you prefer to stay here in the water ?
18 Well designed information systems can give the information which will assist managers make better decisions , give their businesses competitive advantage or help them improve their cost structure or product base .
19 On the other hand , if the incentives are too high , they may themselves distort the market , by giving the beneficiaries an unfair advantage or enabling them to operate in a way which does not reflect genuine supply and demand .
20 While I have great sympathy for the doctors of twenty years or more ago who did not realise the addictive effect of such tablets when they began to prescribe them , I do not feel equal sympathy for those doctors ( fortunately their number is growing less ) who still hand out similar prescriptions to their patients and then fail to monitor their progress or to help them give up the medication as soon as possible .
21 Mr Edwards also detects caution in employers who are recruiting : ‘ They hire people for a specific period , maybe one or two years , so that at the end of that time they can decide whether or not to renew their contract or make them redundant .
22 If , instead of persuading B to break his contract or causing him to do so by direct unlawful action against him , A brings about the breach of the contract between B and C by operating through a third party , X , A may still be liable to C , provided unlawful means are used .
23 Did you start doing a passenger service when you got the mail contract or did you to the mail just on its own first or did you
24 This evidence can then be used to modify the contract or allow it to terminate and not to offer renewal .
25 Alternatively , by resting pasture or grazing it with another host , such as sheep , which are not susceptible to O. ostertagi , until most of the existing L3 on the pasture have died out .
26 These include plungers , wormscrews ( for boring into a blockage and pulling it out ) , and scrapers for removing sludge and silt and either pushing it down the drain or pulling it back into the inspection chamber on which you are working .
27 Whether he was still staring out of the window at the storm or watching them made no difference .
28 Did you get the sack or did you just pack it in ?
29 It 's , it was , it was er er sheer coincidence that Beverley had been to Crete the year before and I said to Jackie we 've been to Yugoslavia four years , do you want , do you want a change or do you wan na go back to Yugoslavia , she said well I 'll , I 'll have a look , I said how about , how about going to the Greek islands for a change
30 Tip it into a food processor or mash it with a fork in a bowl , then return to the freezer .
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