Example sentences of "[modal v] have a [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 But Bernard added : ‘ Everyone in showbusiness should have a driver .
2 we should have a core a of people who 've handled records of achievement and done records of achievement and they should you know not everybody has but we should what staff are capable of in terms of doing this has has has moved dramatic and there 's some still who struggle but everybody 's getting more and
3 Maybe we should have a look . ’
4 Now we should have a look at further aspects of avian anatomy and keeping terminology to a minimum .
5 I raised this at the pre-meeting and asked that the various participants should have a look at those issues where they had areas of disagreement to see whether or not er they could reconcile those .
6 The inclusion in the Land Cruise trainset of seven first-class sleeping cars , coupled to InterCity 's insistence that every passenger should have a window seat , stretched the West Highlander formation to sixteen vehicles — too long for the platforms at King 's Cross which could cope with only fourteen — so by default the Friday evening departure was written down to St Pancras , picking up at St Albans and Derby .
7 The head of the bed should be against a wall , or should have a head-board .
8 MY favourite story about original Blue Peter presenter Christopher Trace , who sadly died last week , was when it was decided that the show 's pesky dog Petra should have a litter .
9 I think this system of getting all the children to sit round a table and be taught as a group is wrong , I think they should be taught individually , should have a desk of their own and , and the teacher should stand there and deliver the lesson er to each person but that 's , that 's the way it goes
10 it should have a measure of substance ; and
11 Canes which support tall plants should have a cover over the exposed end , so that they are clearly visible and do not risk poking the patient in the eye when he bends over , or if he slips .
12 Similarly , the BBC felt that it should have a stake in the ( abortive ) satellite plans of the early 1980s .
13 We believe that that is right , but the court should have a discretion , particularly where no fault lies with the defendant .
14 The House is really concerned to decide whether it should have a Bill of this type on this matter .
15 This is gradually strengthening the case of those who argue that Britain should have a Bill of Rights which incorporates the European convention .
16 In particular new potatoes should be bought in small amounts as they lose their freshness within a few days ; they should have a skin which feels damp to the touch and is easily removed by rubbing .
17 ‘ I 'm still of the opinion you should have a companion .
18 ‘ We should have a rehearsal — you know , go up for a couple of days ahead of everyone else so we wo n't look like eejits . ’
19 You should have a PhD , awarded not more than 3 years ago , in the field of computer science , mathematics or systems engineering especially in artificial intelligence and mathematical optimisation studies , neural networks , robots and/or geographic information systems studies .
20 You should have a PhD with a strong statistical or mathematical emphasis , preferably with experience in the above mentioned areas .
21 You should have a PhD in Biochemistry or have relevant practical experience , and possess a keen interest in the application of specific enzymes and receptors .
22 The door , walls and ceiling should have a half-hour fire resistance — do they look as if they have ?
23 He said there was nothing wrong with her chest , but the baby should have a prescription .
24 We should have a play-back in four years time .
25 If I come to you at three months with a P T A tumour , that 's grade one or two , how long would you be er willing to accept that I should have a recurrence before you treat it ?
26 I am always told they you should have a trim every 4–6 weeks to get rid of all the split ends but it seems difficult to grow my hair when it 's constantly being cut .
27 This last comment does n't mean that we can strap on our sixshooters and holsters , but rather the guns of the artillery are on call if we should have a chance to use them .
28 He has no complaint : ‘ I 've been five years and I think it 's only fair that someone else should have a chance . ’
29 Before she should have a chance to wake and discover the edenwort , Henry got to work on the supper .
30 But now that the worst of the weather is behind us and the days are drawing out , you should have a chance to catch up .
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