Example sentences of "[modal v] [be] to [be] " in BNC.

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1 Oh how wonderful it must be to be an indie musician !
2 If Labour is to have a role in Scotland , then it surely must be to be in the forefront of that fight with the Scottish people .
3 How wonderful it must be to be a great artist like Mr Beaumont or a musician like Mr Fergus or even a teacher like half the church .
4 I used to wonder just what the kestrel was looking at , what it was thinking , and I 'd imagine how wonderful it must be to be suspended in mid-air , looking down on the Earth as it was .
5 If the mind is so conceived that its relation to the world can only be a causal one , then to perceive something must be to be causally affected by it .
6 The aim of the business leader must be to be the best , for only the best command their own destiny and achieve the sort of rewards that are sought for themselves and their people .
7 ‘ Sure God save us , ’ they would say , ‘ is n't it soft in the head the poor man must be to be carrying round an old gun for to fight the Rooskies ? ’
8 ‘ I was thinking how very unpleasant it must be to be shot . ’
9 But just for a moment she had felt the weight of emptiness , she had felt how it must be to be shut away down here , bereft of even human companionship , away from the light , losing count of the days .
10 One way to cut down on cars in cities might be to be to make this form of travel much less convenient , by cutting the number of parking places available in cities , for the public and companies alike — hardly popular measures .
11 He thought about how it might be to be , say , a fox confronted with an angry sheep .
12 Acoustic tiles on the ceiling of the room in which the sound is generated should be sufficient to contain it , but in serious cases , where it is necessary to prevent the sound entering the room above , a suspended ceiling may be to be installed .
13 Whatever other reasons may have existed — and however unpleasant it may be to be reminded of it — this is the same reason used in Germany in the 1930s .
14 Because the reasons against the acceptance of authority vary it is not possible to discover in advance how strong the reasons for acceptance of the authority need be to be sufficient .
15 How valuable it would be to be able to reconstruct what the site looked like while excavation was in progress .
16 The ideal situation , of course , would be to be empathic and in rapport with the horse .
17 He said , ‘ So the most I can hope for would be to be at home on a respirator full-time ? ’
18 What a deprivation it would be to be blind !
19 The only thing that would be worse than uncertainty would be to be given duff information .
20 My understanding is that A those do n't exist at present within the deposit plan , but if they did at some future date , for any reason , that their function would be to be used after two thousand and six to sustain the permanence of the greenbelt .
21 And his aim in doing that would be to be res , fully restore all that had been his brother 's , for his brother 's family .
22 Yeah I mean obviously you 're not gon na instantly assume that every that says he fancies you is just joking , no obviously you 're not gon na assume that and I understand how easy it would be to be mislead but then on the other hand it makes me think , you know , you know with people like Ch you know
23 ‘ Our job will be to be flexible .
24 I know your mother scoffs at social life but I do n't think she realizes what pleasure she is missing , how delightful it can be to be among amusing people . ’
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