Example sentences of "[modal v] [adv] have [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 In some bedrooms , there may be enough space to fit a shower cubicle , but others may only have space for a bedroom basin .
2 For many situations which you will face as a manager it is safe to assume that your audience may only have time to grasp perhaps just three ideas .
3 And the World Health Organisation suggests that all children should not use fluoride mouth rinses and should only have toothpaste portions the size of a small pea .
4 This came under heavy fire for implying that small firms set up without planning permission should only have enforcement orders issued against them if alternative premises were available .
5 The addendum describing the enhancements is available from BCPR Services Inc in Spring , Texas at $200 , but buyers must already have version 3.12 of the EISA Specification .
6 The addendum describing the enhancements is available from BCPR Services Inc in Spring , Texas at $200 , but buyers must already have version 3.12 of the EISA Specification .
7 That person should nevertheless have regard to its potential liability under the general law for negligent misstatement ( see Chapter 20 ) .
8 ‘ When I 've seen you safely on the train , I should still have time enough to get to the auction . ’
9 A royal charter granted in 1257 to Roger de Merlay for his lifetime , that his own woodwards should have exclusive custody of the vert in his woods , provided however that the king 's foresters should still have custody of the venison there , and that de Morlay 's woodwards should be answerable to the Justice of the Forest , or at the Forest Eyre for any waste of those woods .
10 The lines made by the two dancers together must always have room to breathe and to be seen separately if the whole design is to flow .
11 Now as everyone of a decent age knows bands should always have brass in them .
12 All the best books on cat care insist that cats should always have access to fresh , clean water and that the water should be changed regularly .
13 The learner must have the drive to learn and he must also have knowledge of the results of his activities .
14 What we learn in these areas must also have bearing on our understanding of the nucleation and growth of crystals in glass ceramics , photochromic glasses and other heterogeneous systems .
15 What you can and must do , however , is ensure that all the investigators are expert in every sense in the techniques of investigation and au fait with all aspects of operating modern aircraft , particularly the large public transport types , but they must also have access to reliable and impartial specialists in the type of aircraft concerned .
16 He must also have regard to the matters set out in paragraphs ( a ) to ( f ) of the checklist in s1(3) ( see Chapter 9 , 6(b) ) as if it were addressed to him and not to the court .
17 There needs to be a recognition that appeals for aid must also have spin-off for the company concerned if the appeal is likely to succeed .
18 The book is not confined to the needs of the conveyancing practitioner , however ; it is thought that the divorce practitioner should also have knowledge of the different types of conveyance which may be ordered by the court or agreed between the parties and the points which should be taken into account at that time , the protective measures that might be taken before the conveyance is concluded and the documentation that may be required in dealing with life policies .
19 We 've already paid the ordinary renewal fee , but do you think we should also have libel slander and officials indemnity ?
20 This time , the chief of the Nationalist Airforce , General Kindelán , put forward the proposal that , for the duration of hostilities , the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces should also have responsibility for " all national activities : political , economic , social , cultural , etc . "
21 Applicants wishing to be considered for the Postgraduate Certificate in Education must however have GCE ‘ O ’ level or GCSE passes in both English Language and Mathematics at grade C or better ( or equivalent qualifications ) .
22 One should therefore have regard to as far as possible , the eventual size .
23 In an essentially two-party system like the British one , for example , the main opposition party contending for office may not wish to fight too hard to curtail the power of an executive they may soon have control of themselves .
24 In some cultures selling and trade in general have low social approval ; a company selling overseas may thus have difficulty in recruiting appropriate sales personnel and difficulty selling the products through the channel of distribution .
25 Others who may already have experience take a course of the discipline and for the refreshing new ideas that it brings .
26 Patients often have concomitant hypertension and at the time of diagnosis may already have angina and claudication .
27 You may already have life insurance , but that will usually only pay out if you die .
28 Let's talk and let's just have fun . ’
29 I thought we might perhaps have lunch . ’
30 I 'll just have cream . ’
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