Example sentences of "[noun] ' imprisonment " in BNC.

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1 But the commission accepts that since the simple offence would cover deliberate foolishness which caused cost and inconvenience but which did not damage property or seek dishonest gain , the penalty should be modest and limited to a maximum of three months ' imprisonment .
2 Thus ‘ unlawful act ’ manslaughter , which can be committed by virtue of a mere assault or battery , is an example of constructive liability ( see Chapter 5.2 ( a ) and ( b ) ) ; it is only luck which makes the difference between the summary offence of common assault ( maximum , six months ' imprisonment ) and the grave offence of manslaughter ( maximum , life imprisonment ) .
3 Common assault is the lowest rung of the ‘ ladder ’ of non-fatal offences , with a maximum penalty of six months ' imprisonment , and it is discussed in more detail below .
4 Moreover , the maximum penalty for the section 47 offence is five years ' imprisonment , with no apparent justification for the strange approach of making the penalty equivalent to the higher offence on the ‘ ladder ’ ( the section 20 offence ) , and the fault requirement equivalent to the lower offence on the ‘ ladder ’ ( common assault , with a maximum of six months ' imprisonment ) .
5 Procedurally speaking , this is not an aggravated assault , since it carries the same maximum penalty as common assault ( six months ' imprisonment ) and is also triable summarily only .
6 In January 1987 he was sentenced to five years and nine months ' imprisonment at Belfast Crown Court for possessing firearms in suspicious circumstances and for possessing petrol bombs .
7 It is not surprising that there is widespread protest against the sentence of two months ' imprisonment … passed on the Liverpool Constable who admitted that he had taken four oranges , worth threepence , from a shed in the West Canada Dock … pilfering by the Police is a different matter from the same offence committed by a street urchin .
8 Original entrance arches , terraces , ponds , King Charles ' Walk , a reminder of Charles I 's four months ' imprisonment here after his defeat in the Civil War .
9 Unscrupulous operators took the two months ' imprisonment in their stride .
10 She heard mention of six months ' imprisonment , and was terrified that she 'd be locked up for doing nothing .
11 The bankrupt was sentenced to 12 months ' imprisonment .
12 In 1893 a clerk named Alexander Howland Smith , more familiarly known as ‘ Antique ’ Smith because of his activities , received a sentence of twelve months ' imprisonment for his forgeries of a wide range of letters , including some from Carlyle , Thackeray and Mary Queen of Scots .
13 MONCEF TRIKI : a father of four , he was held in prolonged incommunicado detention , tortured and then sentenced in August 1991 to 15 months ' imprisonment after an unfair trial .
14 Maha Banat was accused of adultery with Ahmed Hussein al-Zahrani , a Saudi citizen , whom she claims she does not know , and who was sentenced by the same court to three months ' imprisonment and 100 lashes .
15 Vic Williams : a 28-year-old soldier in the British Army 's Royal Artillery , he has been sentenced to 14 months ' imprisonment for desertion and ‘ conduct prejudicial to good order and military discipline
16 Puritans also viewed breaches of traditional , Christian sexual morality in a serious light ; in 1650 , the Rump Parliament passed an Adultery Act , which sought to punish those convicted of fornication with three months ' imprisonment , and those found guilty of adultery with death .
17 She was charged with and convicted of running a disorderly house , sentenced to 18 months ' imprisonment and subjected to a property confiscation order in respect of the apparatus .
18 It may impose a fine of up to £2000 ( unless the Statute creating the offence provides otherwise ) and a maximum term of six months ' imprisonment on any one charge ( and a maximum of twelve months where the person is charged with more than one offence triable ‘ either way ’ , e.g. theft ) .
19 In one a term of three months ' imprisonment was imposed in respect of much publicised suggestions by a trade union official that a particular decision had been reached only because of pressure exerted by a demonstrating rank and file .
20 Sentence : 18 months ' imprisonment suspended for two years , and ordered to pay £440 towards the costs of the prosecution .
21 It seemed to the Court that a sentence of 18 months ' imprisonment , suspended , was outside the area of sentences which the judge could reasonably have considered appropriate .
22 Rape — rape of girl of thirteen by person with temporary care of her — whether thirty months ' imprisonment unduly lenient
23 Sentence : 30 months ' imprisonment .
24 The appellant was sentenced to 9 months ' imprisonment .
25 Sentence : two years and nine months ' imprisonment and recommended for deportation .
26 Sentence : 18 months ' imprisonment and , recommended for deportation .
27 Facts : The appellant had been sentenced to a term of 15 months ' imprisonment , suspended , at the Crown Court .
28 He was sentenced to a total of 12 months ' imprisonment for the summary and either way offences and the suspended sentence was activated consecutively .
29 Magistrates ' Courts Act 1980 , s.133 allowed a magistrates ' court to pass an aggregate of 12 months ' imprisonment for two or more either way offences .
30 In the case before the court , there were two either way offences , one of theft and one of fraudulently using an excise licence , but the court had imposed a sentence of one months ' imprisonment for the theft and no separate penalty for the fraudulent use of the excise licence .
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