Example sentences of "[been] recognised " in BNC.

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1 The success of the initial pilot programme has been recognised by the Ministry of Health and the Institute of Health Education and led to Maurice , Kate and Ana meeting with Government officials and representatives from UNICEF to establish a long-term training programme in five Romanian regions , starting in November of this year .
2 ACET 's work with the churches in Africa and Romania has been recognised and supported by UNICEF , the World Health Organisation and by TEAR Fund .
3 This has been recognised for some time , perhaps most articulately in France , as one of the attainments to be expected from a top-class academic teacher and researcher , with an outstanding ability in accurate communication with the men ( and women ) in the street : haute popularisation .
4 ‘ These people had been fighting against their own country , against Marshal Tito who had been recognised as an ally by the British Government , ’ Lord Aldington said .
5 Five stages of market development have been recognised , delineated by gross GNP per capita , but showing a number of other common factors .
6 In their villages of origin the women had been regarded as contributing less to the economic position of the family than the men , but they had at least been recognised as crucial to the economic life of the community .
7 It has only recently been recognised by MAFF experts , and media coverage has been misleading .
8 For the past decade , at least , it has been recognised that quality exists above and beyond any guide 's objective star rating .
9 It has hardly been recognised that India is among the few countries in the world that has a proven capability to undertake orbital missions or detonate a nuclear device .
10 ‘ What has not been recognised is the difficulty of maintaining a stable exchange rate within the ERM unless British industry 's costs rise no faster than those of our EC competitors . ’
11 They could now field a team featuring only two players , Nunnerley and the captain Tim Crothers , who have not been recognised by Wales .
12 Before the talks , the union had not been recognised by the Government for national pay bargaining , leading to the belief that recognition had been granted to give managers the opportunity to impose the offer on all ambulance staff if it was accepted by Apap .
13 About 20 syllables and 6 basic themes have been recognised in the whales ' singing , which can continue through day and night with only short pauses for breath .
14 However , it has also been recognised that it is impractical to impose a universal method of inventory control across all museums and art galleries .
15 They have the sort of qualities that have been recognised by gardeners since the beginning of the Victorian era — a good show should never be despised .
16 Robertson , not unexpectedly , claimed afterwards that his strike should have been recognised .
17 She said it had got off to a slow start but then the true issues had been recognised .
18 But it has since been recognised that this was wrong and that what is termed ‘ sub-maximal ’ exercise is beneficial to health , protects against heart attacks and is an important aid to recovery after them .
19 ‘ It has been recognised that maybe the proposals are too extreme , particularly in respect of the infantry , ’ says one informed source .
20 Though the problem of radiation embrittlement has been recognised since the outset of the civil Magnox programme in the early 1960s , the inspectorate called for more evidence of the safety of Magnox plants in 1990 after it found the rate of embrittlement may have been faster than predicted .
21 The full potential of DRAs has , however , hardly yet been recognised .
22 Pople 's methods have been recognised as possibly the single greatest methodological change in chemistry in 200 years .
23 This interdependence of general economic policy with monetary policy has been recognised by the French government as well : one monetary policy means one economic policy .
24 In general these rocks have been subjected to high grade metamorphism , have a variable grain size , and occur in north west-south east trending belts , although they have also been recognised as small discontinuous lenses , a few metres in length , intercalated with other gneissic rocks .
25 Although the term ‘ untrainable ’ may still be found in official classifications of mental handicap to describe the profoundly handicapped , it has been recognised officially since 1971 that no child is ineducable .
26 It has been recognised how difficult it is to attribute accurately the effect of humans on soil erosion ( Stocking 1978b : 130 ) because of the uncontrolled nature of many other crucial variables , such as climatic change .
27 Nigeria 's soil erosion problem has been recognised as extremely serious but conservation has only become a national concern during the Third National Plan ( 1975–80 ) .
28 Although there was an exportable surplus of nearly 30 million tonnes in 1984 the approaching threat to self-sufficiency has been recognised .
29 Abuse of children has been recognised as an important concern because children are seen to represent the future ; to abuse them is to abuse the future welfare of the nation .
30 In recent years , radon has been recognised as the main source of human exposure to ionising radiation .
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